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Sunnyshore Studio Publishing Launches

Sunnyshore Studio is pleased to announce the formal launch of its publishing arm, Sunnyshore Studio Publishing. Here is the story of  its birth and a sketch of its future.

cropped-cropped-sunnyshore-brand-20161.pngStory of its birth

In the spring of 2016, Jason Dorsey began to conduct a series of interviews with Camano Island old-timers and people who loved the Beaches of Camano. These interviews were published on the Sunnyshore Studio blog. He realized that these interviews opened a window on the rich history of Camano and began to think about publishing a book with these stories, and each beach illustrated by members of his family.

Jason purchased a Mac computer and the Adobe cloud APP (with program like Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Premier Pro) with the hopes of learning the Adobe sweet of programs so he could publish the book himself. Meanwhile, he continued to conduct over thirty interviews. Spring quickly turned to summer and summer to fall, and he hadn’t begun to learn InDesign. The plan was for the book to be published in time for the Grand Opening of Sunnyshore Studio, December 2nd.

Something had to give.

On October 4th, Jason reached out to a friend and member of his previous congregation in Indianapolis, Tom Peck, a retired Graphic Designer. Tom indicated that he’d be happy to help with the project. Jason quickly reached out to his wife, Jenny’s cousin, Sharilyn Stachler who is an editor and she said she’d be thrilled to help with the project. Jason didn’t have money to offer either Tom or Sharilyn, but they said that they’d help anyway.

Sharilyn worked her editing magic and Tom worked his graphic magic and the result was a beautiful book, The Beaches of Camano. 600 copies were ordered from Gorham Printing in Centralia, WA. The book has sold out. A second printing was ordered today.

Beaches of Camano Island Cover Lg

In the second book project, a biographical sketch of his dad, Jack Dorsey, and a celebration of over 50 years of his artwork, Jason took a crack at doing the graphic work himself. Tom was gracious enough to send the Beaches of Camano In Design template to work off, he helped with the design of the cover, and when it was finished provided a second set of eyes to tighten things up. But the bulk of the graphic design work fell on Jason. The project brought Jason to his knees in writhing agony as he tried to learn a new program. Somehow he muscled through.

Again Sharilyn provided her editing gifts, and this time she received a stipend for her work. The book hardcover, limited edition, Jack Dorsey: Sketch of an Artist was also printed at Gotham printing. Because Jason was ahead of schedule, the book was finished in time for the second weekend of the 2017 Mother’s Day Studio Tour, three weeks before the original due date of Father’s Day. It sells for a hefty $40, but that is less than a $1 per painting, with over fifty of Jack’s paintings showcased in it.

Jack Dorsey Book Cover - March

The next step of Sunnyshore Studio’s publishing venture was to contract with an author who is not a part of the family to publish her book. While the author, and the book subject, must remain clouded in mystery for a little while longer, this was a significant step forward in entering the world of Publishing.

A Sketch of the Future

The aim of the publishing arm of Sunnyshore Studio is to share beauty with the world one book at a time. Rather than receiving submissions of books from authors, we will be choosing book projects based our our criteria and values.

One of the first orders of business is to build our infrastructure. This includes taking our first steps into the world of E-Books as well as obtaining a book distributor. But most important is establishing the bookkeeping process and systems and hiring a bookkeeper.

While many of the book projects that are being discussed are under wraps and can’t be shared at this time, one can.

IRFD Cover, Jason Dorsey, 300 dpi and 3 inches smallest side per CAA instructions

It is our intention to publish the complete I Remember series of children’s picture books written by Jason and illustrated by Jason and his father, Jack. The first of these, I Remember Fishing with Dad was published by Just Dust Publishing which recently closed their doors.

Each book explores a theme of life by telling a story illustrated by delightful watercolor paintings. Together the books will weave the life of a boy growing up on an Island in the Pacific Northwest.

The second of the series, I Remember Running through the Woods, is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2018.

If God gives strength, this little artist studio tucked in the firs and cedars on the south end of Camano Island will be a hub of creativity, beauty and literature for years to come!








Jed, Renae and Willow’s Epic Road Trip and “Reveal”

This week artist Jed Dorsey, his wife Renae and daughter Willow are embarking on an “epic road trip” from Indiana out west. The trip will last 46 days and include one art workshop, one art show, 2 family reunions, one pop-up camper, two ferries, two countries, two parents and one five year old.

Epic Road Trip

Anyone who has gone on an epic road trip like this knows that it will be full of fun adventures, bumps and bruises, and rich memories.

Sunnyshore Studio is thrilled to be hosting Jed’s solo show “There and Back Again”. The opening for the show will be on Saturday, July 15th. It will run all day, beginning at 10:00am to 9:00pm. But the food, fun and festivities will really pick up at the reception from 6:00-9:00pm.

postcard 1

We are calling this a “reveal” for two reasons.

First, we are calling it a “reveal” because this will be the first solo show Jed has had on Camano and, in fact, in Washington State. Jed is a native of Camano Island, the son of noted artist Jack Dorsey, and a rising star in the art world.

Second, we are calling it a “reveal” because we are so excited to showcase Jed’s stunning artwork. Like their “epic road trip” Jed’s art captures the moods and mysteries, lights and darks, glories and greatness of nature.

Hiking Whistler

Jed’s friends from High School, and all art lovers and friends of the arts on Camano, wont want to miss Jed’s “There and Back Again” show.

mud puddles

“There and Back Again” opens on Saturday, July 15th and runs through August 1st. If you can’t make the opening on Saturday, July 15th, you can schedule a private viewing by calling Sunnyshore Studio’s Artistic Director Jason Dorsey: 317.208.6768



Day One: Jack Dorsey’s Watercolor Workshop

The first day of Jack Dorsey’s watercolor workshop is down. Since it was my day off I was able to attend it.

Dad shared a secret of using white opaque paint in watercolor that he had learned from his friend, and Master watercolorist, Mike Burns. I can’t share the secret, but honestly I can say I was surprised by it, and how it worked was pretty cool.


Dad asked the question “Why do we paint?” This question opened up a whole flurry of lessons, stories, further questions.


The workshop was full of dad’s ramblings, asides and stories. He talked about his artist friends being “iron sharpening iron.” He lectured on the fundamentals of art: the “golden mean”, values, basic elements of art such as line, color, texture. He talked about design, and explained perspective.

I tried to interpret what Dad was saying to the participants. But they all seemed to be enjoying themselves, and Dad’s lectures and stories and Dad himself, so I relaxed.

What was so cool for me was underneath it all Dad’s passion for art came out, his passion for seeing common things and portraying them in a unique way, his passion for the fundamentals of art and his passion to help people find their own artistic voice.


As I closed down the studio in the quiet of the afternoon I reflected on how these stories, lectures, fundamentals and lessons were all things that I had grown up with as a kid. They have shaped me into the artist I am today. It is so cool to see Dad sharing them with others!

Here’s a little snipped to wet your appetite.


Jason Dorsey to serve as Camano Arts Association President

Jason Dorsey, Sunnyshore Studio’s Artistic Director, has been elected to be the president of the Camano Arts Association (CAA) for the 2017-2018 year.

He is taking the baton from Judith Seegert who has served the Association ably the past year and is transitioning to being the co-leader of the Annual Studio Tour.

Judy Seegert

Sunnyshore Studio caught up with Jason to learn more of his hopes and dreams for this coming year.

Sunnyshore Studio: Jason you’re relatively new to CAA. Tell us what you’ve discovered about the organization.

Jason: CAA is a grassroots art organization that has incredibly gifted and passionate members. Everyone is committed to making Camano one of the top cultural regions for the fine arts in the Northwest. It was started by a handful of artist-cultural entrepreneur, Jack Gunter and Karla Matzke to name a few, who collaborated to create an annual studio tour on the Island. Their dream was to make Camano famous for fine art, just like Snohomish is the place to go for antiques.

After a few years the Studio Tour really took off. After a few years a 501c3 was created called the Camano Arts Association. CAA now has close to 100 members and counting!

Sunnyshore Studio: What excites you most about leading CAA?

Jason: First, I’m thrilled to collaborate with the incredibly gifted and passionate artists and patrons of the arts that make up this organization. When our family moved to Camano is 1969 my dad was one of the pioneer artists, maybe the only artist on the Island at that time. Now there is a hole hosts of artists and friends of the art who are putting their shoulder to the plow to make our vision a reality!

Second, I just enjoy the CAA board team. Each member brings so much experience and talent to the table: Mary Pilkington, Beckie Tiland, Kathy Edelman Hutchinson, Michelle Rushworth, Vicky Ringen, Chris Tuohy, Kate Riley, John Ebner, April Nickerson, Roger Cocke and Judith Seegert. My vice-president Melanie Soerrels has a wealth of institutional knowledge and love for the organization. I’m truly honored to lead a team of people who have excelled in the business, academic, community-service and artistic world. And we have a lot of fun together!

Finally, I’m really excited that this year I get to lead CAA in a three year vision and strategic planning process. I believe that this process and the plan and communication that comes out of it will catapult us forward in achieving our vision.

Sunnyshore Studio: What is that vision?

Jason:  The vision of CAA is that Camano Island will become recognized as a major cultural center for the Visual Arts in the Pacific Northwest.

It’s interesting that back in the early 1900’s Camano was known as a logging community, then a farming and fishing resort community in the 30s-60’s. It has also been known as a wonderful place to retire and for second homes on the water for rich Seattlelites to play at in the summer. I’m thrilled that now Camano is becoming known as an art destination. And I’m excited to partner with other institutions in the Stanwood-Camano area like the Chambers, the City of Stanwood, the Stanwood-Camano Arts Association, and others to team up to make this dream a reality.

Camano Island views

For example, a good friend of mine, Wade Starkenburg, a business owner in Stanwood is sponsoring my brother’s “There and Back Again” July art opening. He’s doing this not only because he’s excited about Sunnyshore Studio’s investment in the community and because we’re friends, but because he sees the importance of cultural development and the arts in our region.

Sunnyshore Studio: What would make you most happy in your tenure as CAA President.

Jason: I’m thankful I get to be part of the cultural development and common good of Camano. I grew up here and I have a real love for this place. I want our community to be recognized – to shine – for being the amazing community of artists and friends of artists that it is. I guess you could say that Camano’s flourishing is my dream. Specifically, I would like to lead CAA into a bold and exciting and daring 3 year vision and strategic plan that we will someday look back at and say “wow, it’s amazing but we actually achieved it!” Most of all, I hope we all have a lot of fun partnering together in achieving our vision.

Taking it to the streets: Dorsey family displays art at Victor’s Coffee Shop in Redmond

Victor’s Celtic Coffee Co. (7993 Gilman Street, Redmond, Washington 98052), located in the heart of the city, is a popular eastside destination for coffee, pastries, and conversation. Victor’s is also a patron to the arts. Each month art from different local artists is featured on the walls at Victors.

In the month of June, art from Jack Dorsey, Ann Cory, Jason Dorsey, April Nelson, and Jed Dorsey are featured. Here is the story of how Sunnyshore Studio took the art to the streets.

Each Wednesday morning at 6:30am Jason meets with a group of men from the church in Redmond he pastors, Redeemer. He had noticed an ad for artists to show their artwork at Victors so he inquired and was booked for the month of June

That is how on Wednesday afternoon, May 31st, Jason and his wife Jenny, who is the Master Collager of art, found themselves hanging art at Victors.

Jenny laid the art out and began to visualize where it would go.


She put some of April’s art up over the table where the cream, sugar, etc. is kept; a great place for people to enjoy the art.


April’s florals are lovely.


She put the artists bios up there too.


She put Jack’s beautiful watercolors on the main wall, fitting for the Patriarch of the family.



She agonized how to lay out Jed’s striking acrylics. She started with this layout.


Then tried this one.


Then laid them out on the table to try to figure out the perfect collaging of his art.


And ended with this.


In contrast, she promptly put Jason’s paintings in the hallway leading to the bathroom. There’s debate as to whether that is or isn’t a prime viewing location 🙂


Ann’s lovely painting of two girls playing at the beach is next to some more of her daughter, April’s, more abstract paintings.


We also put up a display of Sunnyshore Studio books but, unfortunately, weren’t able to keep them up.


Jason did the best he to have a good attitude as Jenny worked her collaging magic. They were rewarded at the end of it all with two delicious latte’s from a kind barrista,


And that’s how Sunnyshore Studio took it to the streets in Redmond, WA!

We hope our east side neighbors come out and enjoy a little slice of what is the creative, vibrant, dynamic, Sunnyshore Studio and Dorsey family of artists! 





Looking for a Father’s Day gift?

Author Jason Dorsey teamed up with his dad to illustrate I Remember Fishing with Dad, which tells the stories of a father, son, and grandson fishing (and remembering a special derby day) in the salmon waters of the Pacific Northwest.

This book is perfect for fathers, sons and daughters, grandsons and grandaughters. It explores through story how impactful it is when a dad spends time with his son or daughter. And all who remember fishing with their dad will find it brings them back to those sweet times together.

Over 1,000 people have purchased a copy. If you order yours today we can have it mailed to you in time for Father’s Day, June 18th.

 [shopify product=]

One last thing. This book is the first of a series of 12 books that will weave story and art to explore the big themes of life. Jason’s second book, I Remember Running through the Woods is scheduled to be published in October 2018.

Start your collection today!


One year in: catching up with Jed Dorsey

Jed Dorsey launched into a full-time career as an artist a year ago.

In a recent interview, Sunnyshore Studio asked Jed about that first year, the role of art workshops in his development as an artist and his upcoming July workshop on Camano Island.

Sunnyshore Studio: Jed, tell us a little bit about your recent launch into art as a full time career. How is that going?

Jed: Fantastic! We are 10 months into full-time art and haven’t had to miss any meals or bills, so that’s encouraging! I have found that being a full-time artist is not for the fickle, however. You need to be all-in. Especially if you aren’t a dual income family. So, we are thrilled to be able to be doing this and are thankful for all the support we have received from people who have bought paintings.

full time artist 1

Sunnyshore Studio: What role have workshops/classes had in your own development as an artist?

Jed: I frequently get asked where I studied art, and people are usually surprised when I say that I didn’t go to school for art. But I think it speaks to value of workshops, because I have taken 5 intensive workshops which have shaped me greatly as an artist. In fact, I took one just over a month ago, and it completely invigorated me and gave me fresh ideas. It also reminded of and reinforced all the instruction I’ve received before. There really hasn’t been anything else that has helped me develop more as an artist than the workshops I’ve taken.

Jed's workshop image

Sunnyshore Studio: What do you hope your workshops do for other aspiring artists?

Jed: I really hope that my workshops encourage and inspire others. I want participants to walk away feeling good about where they are at and having confidence that they can continue to grow. I also want everyone to take away at least a few concrete ideas they can come back to again and again. That’s why it is always good to take notes as a student. I have gone back to my notes from previous workshops and found things I’ve forgotten in the months or years since, and those concrete ideas become guides for my thinking about my paintings.

Sunnyshore Studio: What do you enjoy about workshops?

Jed: I love seeing people enjoy creating and taking steps forward in their process. I always applaud people who are willing to take a workshop, because I think it takes both courage and humility, and those are amazing qualities. It takes humility because we have to admit that we need help. We aren’t the artist that we want to be yet. We need and want to learn (and hopefully that never changes!). But it also takes courage, because a workshop is public and other people will see our work. They will see us in process – working on things and trying to figure out how to improve. So, I greatly admire the students who come, and I gain a ton from our time together.

Sunnyshore Studio: What are things that make your workshops unique, special, relevant?

Jed: That is a good question, and it is probably better answered by a student because their opinion is the one that matters the most. But what I try to do with my workshops is to make them the best possible experience for each student. I want people to walk away knowing that they invested their time and money well, so Renae (my wife) and I both work hard trying to make each part of the workshop special, from the instruction to the location to the subject to having snacks available. I also always want the participants to feel like they made some good friends through our time together, so we try to think of ways to make our workshops comfortable and friendly for everyone.

Sunnyshore Studio: How much more space do you have for your July workshop? What is the cost for that?

Jed: We have 5 spots still, and the workshop is $300 for 4 days, July 11-14. I’m getting really excited for it as we get closer. We have at least one of our friends (who we met when she took a class this winter here in Indianapolis) who will be flying out and spending the week on Camano Island to take the workshop, and there might be another friend who will fly out for it also. So, that is exciting and fun for us!

Jed painting on location

You can sign up for Jed’s workshop here:

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