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Day One: Jack Dorsey’s Watercolor Workshop

The first day of Jack Dorsey’s watercolor workshop is down. Since it was my day off I was able to attend it.

Dad shared a secret of using white opaque paint in watercolor that he had learned from his friend, and Master watercolorist, Mike Burns. I can’t share the secret, but honestly I can say I was surprised by it, and how it worked was pretty cool.


Dad asked the question “Why do we paint?” This question opened up a whole flurry of lessons, stories, further questions.


The workshop was full of dad’s ramblings, asides and stories. He talked about his artist friends being “iron sharpening iron.” He lectured on the fundamentals of art: the “golden mean”, values, basic elements of art such as line, color, texture. He talked about design, and explained perspective.

I tried to interpret what Dad was saying to the participants. But they all seemed to be enjoying themselves, and Dad’s lectures and stories and Dad himself, so I relaxed.

What was so cool for me was underneath it all Dad’s passion for art came out, his passion for seeing common things and portraying them in a unique way, his passion for the fundamentals of art and his passion to help people find their own artistic voice.


As I closed down the studio in the quiet of the afternoon I reflected on how these stories, lectures, fundamentals and lessons were all things that I had grown up with as a kid. They have shaped me into the artist I am today. It is so cool to see Dad sharing them with others!

Here’s a little snipped to wet your appetite.


Jack Dorsey Watercolor Workshop: June 19th – 22nd

On June 19th – 22nd, you have an opportunity to study watercolor painting under master watercolor artist, Jack Dorsey. In this workshop Jack will teach you a method of watercolor painting using opaque white paint.

While the workshop spans four days, you can choose to take the workshop for just one day, two, three or all four days based on your availability.

The workshop is for people from all experience levels. So whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced artist you will benefit from Jack Dorsey’s personalized instruction.


Students will get individual questions answered. There will be a combination of demo’s, lecture, critique. The workshop promises to be an overall rich experience, you will make new friends in the arts.

Bring your own watercolor materials (paints, pallete, brushes, paper, painting board). The opaque paint will be provided at the workshop. Easels are optional; tables will be provided. Also bring a sack lunch; or plan to grab a quick lunch at either Tyee Grocery Store (which has a wonderful deli) or Elger Bay; or if you are an Islander, run home for a quick bite.

The workshop will be held at Sunnyshore Studio (2803 S.E. Camano Drive, Camano Island, WA 98282). It costs $50 per day, or $200 for the four days (which is an excellent price!). Scholarships available as needed.

Space is limited. To RSVP call Jack Dorsey at 360.387.7304

Julian 2


  • All experience levels
  • June 19 – 22, 9:00-4:00pm
  • Cost $50 a day, $200 for 4 days
  • Bring your own painting materials; opaque paint supplied.
  • Sunnyshore Studio: 2803 S.E. Camano Drive, Camano Island, WA 98282
  • RSVP with Jack Dorsey: 360.387.7304


To get a feel for Jack Dorsey’s art here is the video made for the recent release of his biography: Jack Dorsey: Sketch of an Artist.

Sunnyshore Studio’s first Art Workshop is under our belts!

On November 5-6th Sunnyshore Studio held it’s first workshop led by Jed Dorsey. It was a great success.


My friend from Redmond, Danny Lam, accompanied me. He attended the Workshop while I did my pastor work and some outdoor work too. When he wasn’t painting we had a great time hanging out in the Studio apartment.

Jed did a great job of showing and sharing his talent in acrylic using light, design, and technique. On the first day they worked on values, painting in black, white and gray. They explored design, taking time to sketch out a thumbnail version of the painting they hoped to do. And on the last day, Jed had the class work off a canvas painted dark, pushing the participants to use the full range of values.

I (Jason) was working outside on spreading topsoil. I heard a lot of laughter, which made my heart happy that people were having fun. And when I would come in, there was a constant buzz of conversation and work going on. The artists hardly stopped for lunch they were so eager with their painting, their collaborating, their sharing of ideas and techniques and help.

And I realized that this was so much more than just a workshop, it was community. I’m glad I was able to witness an artistic community form for a few days, and I look forward to many others in the future.



Sunnyshore Studio Progress Report – September 15th, 2016

Sunnyshore Studio hosts our first Art Workshop led by my gifted artist-brother Jed Dorsey on November 3rd-5th.


Eight people have already signed up with a number of others who have expressed interest and a cap of 15. I expect it to fill up soon. You can learn more and sign up at:

We celebrate our Grand Opening “Beaches of Camano” show on Saturdays December 3rd, 10th and 17th. On display will be original artworks showcasing the 30+ Beaches of Camano. An accompanying Coffee Table book titled the Beaches of Camano featuring those artworks and stories of Islanders who live on and love those beaches will help you celebrate the beautiful beaches of Camano and share them with others.

beaches brochure

Here’s an example of one of my brother’s paintings. It is of Tillicum Beach.


There is a lot of work to get ready for this Workshop and the Grand Opening.

Here’s a brief status report on that work.

Gary Holloman and his team have done wonderful work on the trim.


The upstairs trim is done.

And the downstairs trim is coming along nicely. Trimming out the posts gives the Gallery area a great finish!

The trim in the Gallery/Studio should be finished today (September 15). Then all that will be left is installing the granite island and kitchen counter top, putting in the plumbing, and setting up the stove & pipe.

And the deck was stained. It looks great.

A lot is happening on the outside as well.

Donnie Watkins took out the big cedar tree that was going to be to close to a future house, whose roots would get entangled in the septic system, and which blocked our view of the water.


The cedar logs sit by the woodpile ready to be cut up for firewood.


Donnie moved the stones from under the cedar. They are ready to be placed as a retaining wall east of the bulkhead.

In the next couple of days Donnie will grade around the Studio, add some gravel for the pouring of the front and back porches and a walk that will go between them and install the septic drainfield.

Here are a few pictures of Donnie and I talking through the plans.

As I give this report I’m so thankful to God for the grace that has allowed this dream of mine that stretches all the way back to 1998 to come to fruition. Here’s a video that tells more of that story.

Sola Deo Gloria


Jed Dorsey Workshop offered at Sunnyshore Studio, November 3-5

Jed Dorsey is leading a three day workshop in acrylic painting at Sunnyshore Studio on Camano Island, Thursday – Saturday, November 3-5.  This workshop is for all artists 18 years and older of any level. The morning hours are a combination of instruction and demonstration leaving the afternoon for hands on practice with feedback. You will gain essential tools to help you create well-designed, striking, colorful, and light-filled compositions.

The cost for the three day workshop will be $225

We have an 8 person minimum, 15 maximum capacity. Sign up soon for this opportunity to learn with a rising star in an incredible location on Camano Island.

To sign up go to:

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