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Jack Dorsey’s 2019 Christmas Card Unveiled

Since 2004, Jack Dorsey has painted a Christmas card that he and his wife, Ann, sent to family and friends. At Sunnyshore Studio’s Grand Opening, December 2016, we “unveiled” his painting for the first time. It’s been fun to unveil the card for the last three years.

Last Saturday, December 7th, we unveiled this year’s card titled, “Joy to the World”. It is a beauty.

“Joy to the World” can be yours for $1,500. If you are interested contact Jason Dorsey: 317.209.6768,

Here’s a little video of the unveiling.

Special thanks to Nathan Partain who let us use his song “Arise and Shine, Your Light Has Come” from his wonderful new Christmas album The Beauty to Come.

You can buy The Beauty to Come here:

Christmas on Camano

If you missed our opening, the Christmas on Camano show runs for a second Saturday.

  • Saturday, December 14, 10am-5pm
  • 14 local artists
  • Jenny’s miniature collection
  • Great holiday gifts

Reverend Hans Stout’s Stocking Stuffer Slings

My pastoral colleague at Redeemer, Rev Hans Stout, has a pretty good side hustle going: producing and selling shepherd slings. At first glance, Han’s doesn’t seem like a weapon forger with his warm personality and smile, but the blood of the Vikings courses through his veins, and, the Biblical story of David and Goliath and the stones and sling is part of his story, and he has two sons. He’s making and shipping about a dozen slings a week!

Last Sunday he dropped off the shepherd slings for Jenny to sell at the Christmas on Camano show that opens tomorrow. They are only $10-$11, perfect stocking stuffers for the youngsters in your family.

He’s even got a tutorial on how to use a sling. Check it out. This is how we presbyterian pastors roll :).

You can pick up a Shepherd Sling at our Christmas show. If you can’t make that, then order one online from Rev. Hans Stout ancient weapon maker.

Meet Artist Betty Dorotik

Betty Dorotik is a beloved Camano Island Artist and one of our top sellers at Sunnyshore Studio. Here is a short intro to her integrating painting and fabric in her art.

I am excited to be included in Sunnyshore Studio’s Miniature Christmas Show. My recent work incorporates fabric and watercolor.

I was always a fan of fabric, even as a little girl when my mother would take me to the fabric store to pick out fabric for a dress. She was an accomplished seamstress sewing most of my school dresses and taught me how to sew as well. I sewed my own clothes when I was in high school, especially after taking Home Economics which isn’t taught anymore. Sometimes grain and chicken feed would come in brightly printed cotton bags. Four bags was enough to make a dress and maybe an apron for my mom. I still have some of those fabrics in my memory box. I also have a quilt my mom stitched by hand of many of my school dresses. I love going into fabric stores again since the last prom dress I made for my daughter was over 20 years ago.

Vintage fabric is in vogue again and when I found the jingle bell pattern on the paintings below, it spoke to me of Chickadees and the tiny Wren. I enjoy painting a bird or birds to match the fabric sometimes pulling something out of the fabric design to decorate the bird or animal.

Christmas on Camano opens this Saturday, December 7th. Our show will be packed with all kind of wonderful things, smells and sounds.

  • December 7th and 14th, 10am – 5pm
  • Singing of Christmas Carols @ 10am & 2pm
  • Unveiling of Jack Dorsey’s Christmas Card painting, 10am on December 7th.
  • Jenny Dorsey’s miniature collection displayed
  • 14 local artists
  • Books, Christmas Card, Prints, Ceramics, Fabrics and more
  • Ann Dorsey’s famous cinnamon rolls

Meet Artist Melanie Serroels

Sunnyshore Studio is thrilled to have our friend and neighbor, artist Melanie Serroels in our Christmas Show again this year. You will love her affordable Northwest landscape watercolors.

We asked Melanie what she liked most about the holidays. Here is what she said.

Melanie’s Christmas & Holiday Traditions

What I like most about the Christmas and winter holidays are the traditions we have created with our family and friends. At home, we’er watching sappy Christmas movies from before Thanksgiving until after the New Years.  Holiday baking and cooking has taken on a more healthy fare, but it’s still important to prepare the family favorites.  We select and install a least a 10 foot tall fresh cut tree, and decorate it to the top with ornaments collected over our years together.  

Our family now includes three precious grandchildren, so with Randy’s 96 year old mom, four generations gather and exchange gifts and celebrate our blessings.  Sometimes our celebration is delayed a day or two, to accommodate the worker schedules. When this happens, Christmas Day is a quiet day, usually spent over a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle with time to consider passed family members and childhood memories. 

The most important thing is we come together, under one roof and around our family tree.  Retirement and having Randy home and not at work, affords the time for me to spread out the preparations.  I miss my kids being here to add their input, but they’re busy making their own homes just right for their own children and building traditions for themselves.  

Handwritten Christmas cards are still a part of my holidays.  I do this to slow down and bring friends and the few family members closer.  I enjoy creating some of the gifts we give, so I’m usually working on something creative a month or two leading up to Christmas. There are a few parties to attend, but there is a number of evenings spent waiting for the day to come. A December 9th birthday keeps Christmas decorating at bay until just after.  Then the decorations stay around until after New Years Day.  I have Santas and Snowmen collections that find places all over the house to watch over us and fill in the conversation when I’m here by my self.   

On New Years Day we host The Annual Port Susan Terrace Plunge and Potluck Brunch with our neighbors.  It has happened around high tide the first morning of each New Year for the past 13 years.  This year we are missing the original Port Susan Terrace Plungers and good friends, but looking to celebrating with some new neighbors and friends who we hope to know better during the years to come. Together we will ring in the new year in our own special way. 

Christmas on Camano Show

You can shop for Melanie’s artwork and 14 other artists at our upcoming Christmas on Camano art show. This video invitation was made at the beach just south of where Melanie lives at Port Susan Terrace. We hope you will join us.

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