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Old dreams can come true

Old dreams can come true.

I shared in an earlier blog that for over a decade I have dreamed of building an art studio on Camano Island to showcase my family’s artistic legacy and support my dad and mom in their later years.

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This week I came across a 2008 notebook our family made on our summer vacation. I discovered in it some sketches I had made of my dream studio, sketches that are eerily like the Studio that Jim Spane is going to build.

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Presently I am finishing getting paperwork to our mortgage banker. Then we will see what the assessed value of the proposed building and property is, and, based on that, the size of mortgage we can get.

I’m definitely on new ground here. I have never had anything this scale built. But I am undaunted. This dream has burned in my heart for over a decade, and, by God’s grace, I will see it through to the end.

After all, old dreams burn deep in the heart, smoldering there unto the appointed time has come.

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