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Sunnyshore Studio is a creative studio on Camano Island, WA. Our mission is to share beauty with the world through art, books, and film. 


Sunnyshore Studio showcases artwork by five generations of the Dorsey family of artists. We also host quarterly art shows and workshops, building community through art. 


Sunnyshore Studio publishes books that tell stories about people and the places they love, weaving words and art to share beauty. Jason Dorsey’s I Remember is projected to be a twelve book series that explores themes of life through the memories of a boy growing up on an island in the Pacific Northwest.


Sunnyshore Studio makes films to share beauty with the world. Our first full length documentary was about the matriarch of our Family of artists, Fanny Y. Cory. And our Fairy Sightings celebrate Fanny’s popular Fairy Alphabet. We are making a documentary of an inner city basketball team that won the Indiana high school basketball championship called We are Family, and have one other major documentary in the works.

2 thoughts on “About Sunnyshore Studio

  1. Wonderful place. When it’s finished I want to come stay in the apartment for a least a week. Love all of your painting too. And love Ann, my childhood friend.

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