Sunnyshore Studio is a creative studio on Camano Island, WA. Our mission is to share beauty with the world through art, books, and film. 


  1. Evelyn Williams

    Wonderful place. When it’s finished I want to come stay in the apartment for a least a week. Love all of your painting too. And love Ann, my childhood friend.

  2. Leo E. Osborne

    I met up with Jack in Anacortes yesterday, sweet man, nice guy…Love his work and that of many at your gallery(and the stories of folks). I did some shows many years ago with Bill Reese when in Wenatchee, and showed with Thomas Williams Jones at that time…please give him my regards. Should we plan a trip onto Camano we shall attempt to locate you and visit…all the best your way, cheers
    Leo E. Osborne…

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