This is how my dream of Sunnyshore Studio was born. In 1997, I was called to be assistant pastor at Green Lake Presbyterian church. My wife Jenny, and our two sons, Jacob and Julian moved from Salem, OR to Seattle, WA. We couldn’t afford to buy a home in Seattle. But we wanted a piece of property that we could call our own.

In 1998, My mom and dad gifted us with a lot just south of their home on Camano Island. The lot looked out over the Puget Sound and the beach I had grown up playing at. The lot was part of tract of land called Sunnyshore Acres. It had an old run down house on it and a well, which is a valuable commodity on Camano.

I tore down the old house. See a picture of Julian and I in the midst of demolition below. We began to clear the land. You can see how my boys, Jacob, Julian and Judah were my helpers.

Thus began my dream of building a Studio on the lot that would showcase our family’s legacy of art and share the beauty of Camano Island.

IMG_2977  IMG_2978


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