In my previous blog, I told how in 1998 my dad and mom gave Jenny and I a lot just south of their home on Camano Island, Wa. I shared that my first project was tearing down an old house on the lot and that I dreamed to replace it with an art studio where I could showcase my family’s art legacy.

But over the next eight years I didn’t do anything. Alder trees shot up,, some to over 40 feet tall. Blackberry vines took over. It was a mess. I took a few steps in clearing it by hand. I used my dad’s chainsaw to cut down some alders. I pulled out some blackberry vines by hand. It was slow, tedious work.

Then in 2008 I decided to have it professionally cleared. I hired Tim McGlinchy of Highland Earth Services.

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Tim used an escavator to rake out and pile the brush and trees. He broke up and hauled out the old foundation. It was fun to watch a heavy equipment artist at work. What would have taken a year to do by hand took McGlinchy and his escavator just a few days.

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In the late fall Tim burnt the piles and graded the soil smooth with a bulldozer. We planted grass. It came up beautifully in the wet fall soil. And we were one step closer to the dream of Sunnyshore Studio.

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