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Fanny Young Cory was born in 1877. In 1895 an 18 year-old Fanny Young Cory attended the Metropolitan School of fine Arts in New York City. By the turn of the century, she was one of the best known illustrators in the country. Read more here: Five Generations of Artists: Meet Fanny Y. Cory, known to her family as “Meetsy”



Jack is a lifelong resident of Washington State. He graduated from Seattle Pacific University. He has to his credit two one-man shows at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle and a one-man show in Tokyo, Japan. Jack Dorsey’s art has been collected by the Frye Art Museum and the LaConner Historical Museum along with numerous corporations and private collectors throughout the U.S.A and Canada.

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Ann Cory is the name Ann Cory Dodgson Dorsey uses in signing her artwork. She is something like artist royalty, being named after her national known grandmother, Fanny Y. Cory, who illustrated books and magazine covers and stories in the early 1900’s and later went on to have two syndicated comics strips for 25 – 30 years.

Ann had the privilege of watching her grandmother paint daily pictures and illustrate the comic strips during her growing up years. Also during these years, Ann was an active member of a family painting “club” (known as the “Grunt and Groan Club”) – which included her famous grandmother and other talented family members.

Five Generations of Artists: Meet Ann Cory


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Jason Dorsey, Owner and Artistic Director of Sunnyshore Studio, was raised with paintbrushes in his hand. He was born in Seattle in 1969 and raised on Camano Island, WA. His dad and mom encouraged him as an artist from the earliest age.

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Five Generations of Artists: Meet Jason Dorsey



Growing up in a family of artists gave April a wonderful opportunity to be exposed to fine art at a young age.  This exposure created an interest in and an appreciation for the arts, namely painting and drawing.

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Jed Dorsey is a professional artist and the Director of Acrylic University, Growing up in his artistic family, sketch pads and paint brushes were always within reach. Much of his training came from his dad, Jack Dorsey. In 2000, Jed began working in acrylics and has now developed his own distinct style with vibrant colors and the use of light. He has studied oils and acrylics under the teaching of Mike Svob, Ovanes Berberian, as well as the late Robert Genn.

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    1. Thanks Judy. It is an amazing legacy of art that I’ve been privileged to grow up in. This past October our family had a show in Indianapolis. It was so awesome to see the outpouring of creativity, beauty, as we showed our work – for the first time – all together.

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