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Camano Arts Association launches #artisindustry campaign

The Camano Art Association (CAA) is launching an #artisindustry campaign to promote its upcoming “CAA Premier Collection” showcasing over forty CAA artists on Saturday, November 2nd.

Sunnyshore Studio’s Artistic Director, Jason Dorsey, thinks the concept of art as industry is great. He says,

“Artists are often viewed as romantics, out of touch with the nitty gritty of the ‘real world.’ The fact is, that artists are much more like blue collar workers than most people think. We work with our hands. Our tools are brushes and chisels and lathes and looms. The mediums we work with are from the stuff of this earth: paper and pigments, metal and wood, glass and fire. Artists are like blue collar workers in that most of us are just scraping to get by.”

“There’s another way that art is Camano’s industry.” Jason continues. “There’s a growing understanding that art is a powerful economic engine. Lots of articles are being written about that. It is definitely a real economic engine in the Stanwood-Camano region.”

“Years ago, logging was the big economic driver on Camano, then people tried to make it on small farms. Then it was recreation with 15 (or so) resorts where people came to fish and play. When my dad moved to Camano Island in 1969, he may have been the only artist besides my great-grandmother, Fanny Y. Cory who was still producing her daily newspaper cartoon strip. My dad was definitely a blue collar artist, an artist of the people.”

“Now we have over 100 artists in the CAA, and there are many other artists who are not part of our organization. CAA’s annual Studio Tour brings in over 400K in art sales. Add to this all the art sold by individual artists throughout the year, the classes and workshops, and entrepreneurial ventures like my brother Jed Dorsey’s Acrylic University and the picture of art adding real economic value to our region emerges.”

Meet some of the artists who will be participating in the upcoming CAA Premier Collection show.

Todd Masten hired to do compositions for We are Family Documentary and Sunnyshore Studio’s Brand Animation

Sunnyshore Studio is thrilled to announce that we are in the final stages of wrapping up a contract with composer Todd Masten. Todd will be doing a song for the upcoming We are Family documentary, and composing the music for Sunnyshore Studio’s brand animation.

Here’s the story of how this partnership came about.

One of the coffee shop “haunts” of Sunnyshore Studio’s Artistic Director, Jason Dorsey, is River Trail Roasters in Redmond, WA.

One day he noticed a guy who had an impressive computer and looked like he was doing some kind of musical composition. Jason went up to him and introduced himself. It was Todd Masten.

Here’s the bio on Todd from his web site:

“Todd began his career scoring public service announcements and television commercials for  several companies in the northeast while still attending college.  He then moved on to compose exclusively for computer, console and social platforms beginning with Carrier Strike Force by Interactive Magic in 1998.  He has since scored over two dozen titles and has moved into both television and film.  He recently helped launch Microsoft’s augmented reality device HoloLens as the team’s New Technology Audio Director. To date, Todd has shipped more than 40 million gaming units worldwide, and has completed multiple drama series for web and television along with two major motion pictures.

Todd recently completed his Master’s degree after over a decade of real world audio experience. He previously graduated from Berklee College of Music in 1997 with a degree in Music Synthesis with an emphasis on composition and film scoring.  While at Berklee, he studied classical theory and composition while training with the  most revered modern jazz talents from around the world.  Todd worked in conjunction with faculty and students from Emerson College in producing public service announcements for the state of Massachusetts along with television commercials for major global corporations including PBS, Round Table, and AT&T.​

Over the past decade , Todd has worked  on blockbuster games for Activision, Disney Interactive, Konami, Lucas Arts, Microsoft, Pixar, Sony, THQ,  and Universal Interactive; containing iconic characters such as Crash Bandicoot, Spider-Man, Tony Hawk, Spongebob, and Lightning McQueen.  His passion for making great games has led to his involvement with high level game production; often performing multiple roles on any given title.

Todd travels and works between his studios in Southern California and Seattle.”

Jason and Todd got to talking about their work, and Jason mentioned his documentary. He asked if Todd had ever worked on scoring a film. He said, yes matter of fact he he had.

Later Jason checked out Todd’s website and was super impressed with his work. You can check it out here:

Jason shared a very rough cut of the We are Family documentary with Todd and asked if he would be willing to work on it, and potentially on a score for the animation of the brand. Todd said he would be!

Jason kept running into Todd at River Trail and eventually over the next month the details got worked out. And that’s how it happened!

10 Days left to apply for Acrylic University’s ACCESS TO ART program

Acrylic University is launching an ACCESS TO ART program to provide artistically gifted, underprivileged youth ages 13-22, with access to high quality art instruction, art supplies and a supportive art community for FREE.

The value of the two years of access to Acrylic University’s online art instruction is $800. Add to this the $200 of art supplies for a total of $1,000 of value. In short, the ACCESS TO ART students are receiving an incredible opportunity!

Our pilot program launches in November 1, 2019, has already received two applicants. We are working with four other youth who are currently in the process of applying.

We only have room for TEN in our pilot ASSESS TO ART program that will be facilitated by Jason Dorsey.

Learn more about the program here:

Here’s a link to Acrylic University. Check it out.

Reach out to Jason for an application by contacting him at:

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