Acrylic University is launching an ACCESS TO ART program to provide artistically gifted, underprivileged youth ages 13-22, with access to high quality art instruction, art supplies and a supportive art community for FREE.

The value of the two years of access to Acrylic University’s online art instruction is $800. Add to this the $200 of art supplies for a total of $1,000 of value. In short, the ACCESS TO ART students are receiving an incredible opportunity!

Our pilot program launches in November 1, 2019, has already received two applicants. We are working with four other youth who are currently in the process of applying.

We only have room for TEN in our pilot ASSESS TO ART program that will be facilitated by Jason Dorsey.

Learn more about the program here:

Here’s a link to Acrylic University. Check it out.

Reach out to Jason for an application by contacting him at:

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