By Jason Dorsey

The Camano Art Association (CAA) is launching a patrons’ program. The formal launch takes place at our first annual Patrons’ Party at the Camano Center on Friday, November 1. This will be evening you won’t want to miss! Might our patrons’ program be for you?

  • Do you share a love for art, nature and community?
  • Do you value the symbiotic relationship between local artists and their patrons that has allowed for Stanwood-Camano’s growing colony of artists?
  • Do you want to encourage the next generation of artists in the Stanwood-Camano region?

Here’s more about our community of artists, our vision, and how our patrons’ program might be a fit for you.

What is the Camano Art Association?

The Camano Arts Association (CAA) is a grassroots organization of close to 100 local artists, friends, and patrons of artists that enriches the Stanwood-Camano community and deepens our awareness, appreciation, and education of art.

Meet two of our artists: Chaim Bezalel and Yonnah Ben Levy.

What is CAA’s Vision?

CAA’s vision is that our region would be a center and destination for art in the northwest.

To accomplish this CAA cultivates meaningful relationships, professional growth, and access to a growing network of artists and art lovers who increasingly view Camano Island as a destination for fine art.


That the Stanwood-Camano Island region is an art destination!

  • Every year, more artists move to Camano Island and join CAA to further their art careers and interact with other talented artists. Today, we have close to 100 members in CAA.
  • The annual studio tour attracts thousands of visitors and art buyers to the studios, galleries, and homes of artists over two weekends in May.
  • Camano Island is home to give galleries and two outdoor sculpture parks that are open year-round.

That art is a community resource!

  • Art is an important economic engine for Camano Island and Stanwood, driving tourism and other investments.
  • CAA hosts events throughout the year to cultivate opportunities for artists to learn from each other, grow their art business, showcase their art, and connect with more art lovers.
  • CAA is investted in the future of art and regularly supports artists through mentorship and scholarships.

That art brings people together around shared values!

  • We love Camano. We are inspired by the unmatched beauty of our island community.
  • We recognize that art brings together diverse points of view around a shared love for creative, artistic expression.
  • We believe art can motivate change, cultivate relationships, and deepen our understanding of the world we live in.

We invite you to join our family of artists as a friend, collector, or patron.

What is CAA’s Patrons’ Program?

There are three different ways to participate in CAA’s Patron Program.

  • As a Friend: pay the $55 membership fee.
  • As a Collector: purchase $300 or more of art at the CAA group show that is taking place Friday, November 1-Saturday, November 2, 2019 at the Camano Center.
  • As a Patron: donate $500 or more to CAA to help us achieve our vision.

What do I get if I join CAA’s Patrons’ Program?

There are rewards for those who join the CAA’s Patron Program:

  • Friends: (1) are invited to our Patrons’ Party that takes place on the Friday evening of the CAA group show (Friday, November 1, 6-9pm) and are listed in our Patrons’ Program booklet; (2) can participate on a CAA committee and attend our monthly meetings; (3) receive a hand-crafted gift from a CAA artist at the Patron’s Party.
  • Collectors: (1), (2), and (3) from above, plus, (4) a special visit to a CAA artist’s studio of your choice; and (5) potentially honored at one of CAA’s monthly meetings when we celebrate our collectors/patrons.
  • Patrons: (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5) from above and (6) included in our monthly newsletter as a featured patron of CAA.

What should I do if I would like to be part of the Patrons’ Program.

  • Contact Jason Dorsey, and indicate your interest in the patron’s program.
  • Plan to attend the Friday, November 1, First Annual Patron’s Party at the Camano Center. The party is from 6-9pm with the program taking place at 7:00pm.

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