On Tuesday my brother Jed Dorsey took me and my son Julian fishing. At least that was the plan. The idea was to put Jed’s boat in at Maple Grove, cut through Deception Pass, and make our way down to Fort Casey where there is good salmon fishing from the shore.

However, when we got to the west side of Whidbey, we (Jed) hadn’t calculated how long it would take to get to Fort Casey. So we decided to try our hand fishing in the waters just west of Deception Pass. Jed dropped me off on shore where I fished. He and Julian fished from the boat. But unfortunately, Jed had forgotten to bring the weights for the downriggers. They rigged up some weights and tried…Then picked me up and we tried some more, but nothing.

Moral of the story. Jed shouldn’t be a fishing guide. He is, however, a terrific artist. And we were industrious and made the most of it, shooting some video for his upcoming solo show at Sunnyshore Studio. Enjoy this short video invitation to Jed’s upcoming show: Radiant Landscapes.

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