Sunnyshore Studio’s “soft opening” was a great success. I want to thank everyone for their enthusiastic support! Here is the final report.

By the end of Mother’s Day Weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) we had had over 500 people through the Studio. I expected traffic to slow down significantly for the Encore Weekend.

It didn’t.

Well over 300 people came by on Saturday and Sunday for the Encore weekend. The gallery was bustling and sales were brisk (we exceeded our goal of selling over $10,000 worth of art, books, etc.).

The parking was full…we almost had to use our overflow parking area.

I think my mom – Ann Cory – made the most in sales; Jenny hasn’t crunched all the numbers so I don’t know for sure. I am absolutely thrilled for her.

On Sunday morning Julian covered for Jenny taking the sales via Square on his phone, filling out the receipts, so that Jenny could be with me at church in Redmond.

encore 20

We saw dear friends from years past who came out to support us.

encore 21

And made many new connections.

We invited everyone back to the “Grand Opening” in December which I referred to as a “black tie affair.” People are looking forward to dressing up and checking out the finished product.

encore 9

By 5:00pm on Sunday, May 15th, it was all over. The family all pitched in to clean out the studio and get it ready for construction work to start back up on Monday.

encore 22

We took down the “Open” sign. It won’t be back up till December 2nd.

encore 19

Come back in December!



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