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People have asked me what is the status on building Sunnyshore Studio?

My answer is as follows…

All the paperwork has been submitted to my banker at Heritage Bank, Rich Olsen. He has asked for an appraisal. Now we are waiting for the appraisal on the land and future building. The amount of mortgage I can get on the project, of course, depends on how high the appraisal comes in compared to the cost of building the studio.  So the appraisal is the big “If” in the equation, the variable, upon which so much hinges. If the appraisal comes in low, then we will need to bring some cash to the deal; if the appraisal comes in high, the mortgage may be able to cover the whole project.

Our cash flow situation is dependent on the sale of our home in Indianapolis. This is in God’s hands, and so all we can now do is wait and watch, pray, and wait.

As this is my first building project, I did not anticipate all the delays that have come along as I wait for my banker to have time to get to this project. But in the end I’m trusting that the Big Picture and Timing of all of this is in God’s hands.

We expect an answer on the appraisal in about 2 weeks. So, more waiting, watching and praying.

And meanwhile, life on the Island goes on as it always does, in its casual, meandering, rhythmic way…

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