By Jason Dorsey

As I look back at 2019 I’m overwhelmed by the support of family, friends, collectors and patrons who came alongside our creative studio to support the projects we worked on and the artists we showcased. Here’s a quick look back in the rear view mirror before diving into the work of 2020.

In January we worked hard on the We are Family documentary that tells the story of an inner city basketball team that against all odds won the Indiana High School championship and inspired a city in doing so. We were thrilled to share the talented musicians who are contributing to the project. Since then we’ve added a number of other composers.

In February, we picked up my second children’s picture book, I Remember Running Through the Woods, which I once again collaborated with my dad on. The aim of this book was to help kids, and their parents, grandparents, etc., process change.

In March, we held our second Vintage Watercolorists of Washington shows hosted by Jack Dorsey. Our lineup of watercolorists was outstanding: Nancy Fulton, Cooper Hart, Sandy Langford, Seiko Konya and Jerry Stitt. The reception was PACKED. Jenny hosted a wonderful dinner for the vintage artists and family members on the last Saturday of the show.

In April, Jenny rolled out her Fairy Mystery boxes and we released our first season of Fairy sightings.

In May we participated in the popular Studio Tour on Camano Island. We had over 1,200 guests through the studio and sold lots of art, books, posters. It is always fun to see old friends and make new ones during the studio tour.

In June, we hired Tremayne Reed to take the 5+ hours of video footage that Video Editor David Lichty had compiled and create a shorter feature documentary. Tremayne’s great work helped us push the We are Family documentary closer to completion.

In July we hosted a special Raise the Roof art show. Our goal was to sell my dad, Jack Dorsey’s paintings, to raise money for a new roof. Our goal was to raise 15K. We were able to sell over 22K of artwork. Our family was overwhelmed by the support of friends, family and the community.

In August, we hired Todd Masten to compose the score for the final championship game of the We are Family documentary. We’re super thrilled with his work and can’t wait to share the movie.

In September, we supported the launch of Acrylic University, the online art instruction platform of my brother, Jed Dorsey. In particular, we partnered to start the Access to Art program that provides artistically gifted youth students access to high quality art instruction, art supplies and a supportive art community free of charge.

In October we installed the new Sunnyshore Studio roadside sign. We’re thankful to Wade Starkenberg for his creation of this sign!

We also hosted Jed Dorsey’s beautiful Radiant Landscapes show at our bricks and mortar and online store. Once again we (almost) sold out the show!

Over September-December we also released our second season of Fairy Sightings. We enjoy making these playful videos that celebrate the artistic creativity of the matriarch of our family of artists, Fanny Y. Cory, and her grandaughter, Fairy Master, Ann Cory Dorsey, and that encourage the imagination. This season was filmed at Betty Dorotik’s beautiful garden on Camano Island.

In November, Jenny and I helped pull off the Camano Art Association’s group show at the Camano Center. At the opening of this show we launched CAA’s Patron’s Program. This was a very successful show and lots of fun to work with all the gifted CAA artists.

In December we hosted our annual Christmas show which, as always, was a lot of fun. Jenny loves to set up her miniature collection for this show. We sold plenty of art, books, posters, etc. But most importantly we spent time enjoying cinnamon rolls, singing carols, and sharing lives with people we care about. Jenny and I love how art can build community.

We unveiled Jack Dorsey’s annual Christmas card painting. It was beautiful.

I also had the joy of facilitating a gift of a one year subscription to Acrylic University for my mentor and friend, Michael Kelly. Mike’s friends and pastoral colleagues came together to purchase this gift!

Finally, in December we got the green light from Klutch Sports agency to go forward on the We are Family documentary. One of the players they represent, Trey Lyles, who plays for the San Antonio Spurs, played on the Arsenal Tech basketball team. Getting the green light from them means that all we have left to do is final editing, putting in a few last musical compositions, mixing and mastering. When all of that is done we can set the date for an exclusive screening in Indy. That screening will probably be one year later than we had originally hoped. But that’s the way it goes sometime.

As I look back at 2019 I’m so very thankful for all the people who contributed to our creative studio in so many ways. Like Melanie Serroels, a neighbor, friend and fellow artist who helps out hosting shows. Like Eric Locke who donated six of his musical compositions to the We are Family project. If I had had to pay him it would have cost me 3K which I did not have. Like Steve and Cindy Sundberg who are one of many collectors and patrons who have purchased art and who stepped up at the launch of CAA’s new Patron’s Program. Like my cousins, the Day Brothers, who played for the “Raise the Roof” BBQ dinner and made it such a fun event. Like Dismas Smith and his family who showed up to serve coffee at the Studio Tour. We definitely had the best coffee on Camano Island that day! Like all the Mikey Jones, Mrs. Jamie Wolf and all the others who let me interview them for the movie. Like Ed and Susie Nudelman who are so supportive of our creative work. Like Bethany Warner who read and offered creative editing thoughts on I Remember Running through the Woods, and Jennifer Kelly, my high school English teacher who wrote a blurb for the back and bought one of the original illustrations. Like Seiko Konya, Jerry Stitt, Sandy Langford, Cooper Hart, and Nancy Fulton who honored our little gallery on Camano by showing their beautiful watercolors in it. Like Wade Starkenberg who crafted our roadside sign free of charge. Like my kids who are always game to help out on a work project; or at least mostly game. Like my dad and mom who are so supportive. The list could go on and on. There are just to many people to list. Please know that I am so thankful for all of your contribution to our mission to share beauty.

Finally thanks to my beautiful wife who has done an exceptional job figuring out the business administration, processes, bookkeeping, accounting and all the other vital things to make the studio hum. She is a most amazing host, graceful, kind, generous. I would be lost without her for sure.

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