On November 5-6th Sunnyshore Studio held it’s first workshop led by Jed Dorsey. It was a great success.


My friend from Redmond, Danny Lam, accompanied me. He attended the Workshop while I did my pastor work and some outdoor work too. When he wasn’t painting we had a great time hanging out in the Studio apartment.

Jed did a great job of showing and sharing his talent in acrylic using light, design, and technique. On the first day they worked on values, painting in black, white and gray. They explored design, taking time to sketch out a thumbnail version of the painting they hoped to do. And on the last day, Jed had the class work off a canvas painted dark, pushing the participants to use the full range of values.

I (Jason) was working outside on spreading topsoil. I heard a lot of laughter, which made my heart happy that people were having fun. And when I would come in, there was a constant buzz of conversation and work going on. The artists hardly stopped for lunch they were so eager with their painting, their collaborating, their sharing of ideas and techniques and help.

And I realized that this was so much more than just a workshop, it was community. I’m glad I was able to witness an artistic community form for a few days, and I look forward to many others in the future.



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