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Home: Places of the Heart

What places have been home to you? Why do our hearts get attached to a place? How can art capture the essence of “being home?” 


These and other important questions will be explored in Jed Dorsey’s upcoming art show Home: Places of the Heart at Sunnyshore Studio on Saturday, October 20th and 27th. Jed’s painting touch hearts because they evoke that longing for “home” that Jed says was all have. Sunnyshore Studio sat down with Jed to explore the connection of home and his artwork.


Sunnyshore Studio: What places have been home to you? Tell us about them your homes?

Jed Dorsey: When I think of home, there are several places that come to mind. They are Camano Island, Vancouver, BC, Indianapolis, and Edmonton.

Within each of those places, there are more specific locations that stand out. My parents’ house, for instance, is where I grew up, and it has always been our home away from home wherever I have lived with Renae through the years. But Camano Island has other places that I regard as home. The beach across from Mom and Dad’s house is one of them. I spent so many summers there. The flatlands as you cross onto Camano Island is another. There’s no place like it for me. When I get there and see that, I feel like I am finally home.


Soft Day, Camano Crossing - 36x24


And the other cities have similar special places, whether it is a house or a neighborhood or a park. Significant places where I have spent time with people I love – that’s the common theme.

Rainy Night

Why do you think “home” evokes such powerful emotions in our hearts?

I believe we all long for a home. Whether that is a real home of our past where we remember good times or people we’ve loved, or whether it’s something we’ve never really had, I think we all have a deep longing for a place of belonging and safety and love.

And places matter to us because we have memories connected to places. We grow fond of a place often not just because of what it actually looks like but because of the memory connected to it. And most of our memories involve other people. There’s an old poem that says, “,,,it takes a heap o’living in a house to make it home.” That’s because it’s not the exact physical place that makes the home, it is something more than that: the relationships and memories of life together with people we love and who have loved us. And no matter whether we’ve had a lot of that in the past or not that much, we all long for it.


How can a painting capture the essence of home in a way that maybe a photograph or memory can’t?

Perhaps because a painting can bring our imaginations to life more than a photograph. If I took a photo of a particular house, you would know it wasn’t the house of your childhood because of the exactness of a photo. But if I painted the same house, you might see something that makes you think of the house of your childhood and because it is more suggestive in its nature, your heart might override your mind into believing it is your childhood home even if it knows I didn’t paint your exact house.


Which of your paintings best evoke that sense of home? Describe why they do this for you.

That really just depends on who is looking at the painting. For me, they all evoke a sense of home for different reasons. Some of the paintings will speak to different people more strongly than others. But that is for the viewers to decide for themselves.

Small Town Charm - 20x16

What are the hopes you have for your “home” art show coming up in October at Sunnyshore Studio?

I am looking forward to sharing good times with people I love in a place I love.

First Day Of Summer - 11x14

Home: Places of the Heart

  • Saturdays, October 20th and 27th
  • 10:00am – 5:00pm
  • Sunnsyhore Studio
  • 2803 SE Camano Drive, Camano Island, WA

Viewing and Purchase Options

  • If you can’t make these two Saturdays we are “open by appointment.” Call Jason Dorsey, 317.209.6768.
  • Jed’s “Home: Places of the Heart” art show will go live on Saturday, October 20th at 12:00 (Noon). Jed’s friends, fans and collectors can purchase his artwork through Sunnyshore Studio’s web site:

Show Sponsor

Sunnyshore Studio thanks Russ Bumgarner and his company Rubumco for sponsoring the show.  If you are in need of getting your home or business painted, Russ’s premier painting company that’s been operating since 1999 in the Stanwood-Camano region is the place to go!

Russel Baumgarner

Rubumco logo

Mark Your Calendars for the 20th Anniversary Camano Island Mother’s Day Studio Tour this May

Sunnyshore Studio is excited to participate in the 20th Anniversary Camano Island Studio Tour and welcome the thousands of people who will make the pilgrimage down to the south end of Camano to view the many studios and galleries here.

The Studio Tour opens on Mother’s Day weekend, Friday, May 11th and runs Saturday, May 12th and Sunday, May 13th (10am-5pm) with an Encore Weekend, Saturday, May 19th and Sunday, May 20th (10am-5pm). 

Sunnyshore Studio will represent five generations of artists of the Dorsey family:

Fanny Y. Cory

Matriarch of our family of artists

Jack Dorsey

Father of Jason, April (Nelson), and Jed

Ann Cory

Granddaughter of Fanny Y. Cory and wife of Jack Dorsey

Jason Dorsey

Son of Jack Dorsey and Ann Cory

April Dorsey

Daughter of Jack Dorsey and Ann Cory


Jed Dorsey

Son of Jack Dorsey and Ann Cory

Julian Dorsey

Son of Jason Dorsey

Jackie Dorsey

Daughter of Jason Dorsey


We are especially thrilled to welcome Jed Dorsey back to Washington State! He will have just arrived the week of the Mother’s Day show and we can’t wait to share his epic artwork with old and new collectors.

We will also be featuring three guests artist which we’ll be introducing you to over the next month.

Mark your calendars for the Studio tour. And make sure to stop by Studio #5 as you enjoy Camano’s colony of artists and natural beauty. You won’t want to miss this event!



Jed, Renae and Willow Dorsey’s homecoming to Washington State

Jed Dorsey, son of well known local artist Jack Dorsey and patriarch of the Dorsey family of artists, his wife Renae and daughter Willow are moving back to Washington State. Jed is a highly gifted artist and this is a coup for art lovers and the art scene in the Northwest. We were finally able to catch up to Jed for an interview on their homecoming.

Sunnyshore Studio: Tell me about the big news of you guys moving back to Washington?

Jed: Well, the big news is that on April 30, Renae, Willow and I will be leaving Indianapolis and heading to Washington state to make our home there. Our plan is to live on Camano Island initially until we figure out where we might land more permanently. 

Sunnyshore Studio: How has Indy been a great place for you to launch as a full time artist?

Jed: Indianapolis has really been a wonderful place for us to live in general, and for me as an artist, it has been great also. It is a city that feels like a town. There are enough people to have all the great things you’d expect from a city, but it just feels more personal than a big city. For me, it has meant that the art community here has been super supportive. I’ve loved having a studio at the Harrison Center and hope to find another community of artists that are as great as the friends I’ve made here. 



Sunnyshore Studio: What will be hard for you to leave in Indy?

Jed: We are super connected here. We made a list of the things we are hoping to find in a community in WA, and the reality of it is that we already have it all here: good friends, close to schools, great studio, great church, diversity of people, etc. The only thing we are missing here is family. And that is a big thing, so that is why we are moving. But the thought of leaving Indianapolis has been really sad because we love so many people here.

image (2)


Sunnyshore Studio:  What are you excited about in your move back to the Pacific Northwest?

Jed: We are excited about living close to family. Willow loves the idea of being close to cousins. We look forward to regular meals together, working on projects, doing art… you know, just doing life with family, which is something we haven’t had too often because we’ve lived most of our married life separated by some distance. And we still have some distance to travel to see Renae’s parents and sister in Edmonton, but we will be way closer than when in Indy.

 And the other thing we’re all excited about is the physical beauty of the Northwest!




Sunnyshore Studio: Tell me about your thoughts on joining up with your family of artists in Washington?

Jed: It will be fun. I think we will be able to encourage each other in a lot of ways. I look forward to painting with everyone again. My life is different now that I’m a full-time artist, and I look forward to how that will allow me to do things with my family.

Sunnyshore Studio: What do you see as the next steps of your career as a professional artist?

Jed: Really, I just want to get settled in Washington and see what is happening there in the art scene and try to get plugged in. I hope to get involved with some plein air painting groups eventually. I think there are so many things for me to learn at this next stage. I have very little idea about what is happening there in the art scene, and I don’t know much about the communities of the Northwest. So for me, I’m thrilled to be able to come back home and be like a little kid again, exploring and discovering the area. I know it will be fun. 

Our Top Ten List of Thanks

It’s been almost a year since Sunnyshore Studio’s Grand Opening on December 2nd, 2016. Here’s our “Top Ten” list of thanks as we look back over this past year.

10. We are thankful for the five art shows we have been able to host over the past year, our sponsors who have made those shows possible, and the thousands who have stopped by to view them. 

Sunnyshore Opening Poster w. sponsors 1



9. We are thankful for the opportunity to do creative work beyond just art. We’ve been able to publish three book and make one documentary! 


8. We are thankful that the Studio is becoming a place where we can encourage, mentor and train other artists. 


7. We are thankful for the Colony of Artists on Camano Island who support, encourage, and help each other in so many ways. 


6. We are thankful for the many friends who have stopped by to visit with us. We love sharing our Studio and Camano Island with you. 


5. We are thankful for this beautiful place that we call “home”, Camano Island.



4. We are thankful that this decades old dream of building an art studio to showcase our family’s art legacy has come true. 




3. We are thankful to our friends, collectors and patrons who have supported our family of artists since 1969.

2. We are thankful for our family and the opportunity  to work together as a family to do art and to share beauty with the world.


1.  Finally, we are thankful to God our Creator and Sustainer and Redeemer whose beauty, love and grace inspires all we do.

Happy Thanksgiving From Sunnyshore




Fun opening weekend for second annual Dorsey Family Christmas Show

We had a fun opening weekend Sunnyshore Studio’s Dorsey Family second annual Christmas show, “Christmas on Camano.” Here are some of the highlights.

My brother Jed and I cut down our Christmas tree. Our plan is to “home grow” the Studio’s tree each year!

Jenny decorated it beautifully.


And, as she always does, mom made the space so beautiful with her gift of decorating and all the pretty things she has.


On Friday night Jenny led the “unveiling” of my  Dad’s annual Christmas painting and cards.


It’s a lovely scene from the Cedarhome area.


There was art from every family member. Fairie’s by Fanny Y. Cory.


Watercolors by Jack Dorsey.


Ann Dorsey had her bright acrylic paintings on display, as well as her new Camano Island poster!

The siblings all had paintings too. Jason’s watercolors.


April’s acrylics and mixed media.


And Jed’s acrylics.


Jed had top sales for the opening (no surprise there!), which we were all very happy at as he makes his living as an artist. He has quite a fan base in Washington, and his art is prized by collectors.

Jed painted live on Saturday, and it was impressive to watch his painting take shape.



The finished product is really quite impressive. I can’t show it here. But it will be for sale on Saturday for a mere 900$.

Most special was seeing friends and artist colleagues from Camano. We are trying to build community through art, and it’s awesome to see that happening.



We’ll be open the follow five Saturdays from 10:00am-5:00pm. We’d love it if you would stop by, view the art, shop for gifts for friends and family, and enjoy one of Mom’s cinnamon rolls.


I was able to attend one day of Jed Dorsey’s October workshop

I was able to attend the first day of Jed Dorsey’s October workshop at Sunnyshore Studio that took place Wednesday through Saturday of last week. Jed started off the day with a mini-lecture on what it takes to make a good artist: (1) desire, (2) opportunity, (3) encouragement, and (4) practice.

a IMG_5351 resized

Jed is an engaging and encouraging speaker. I was struck by one of the goals for the workshop that he shared. He said that one of his goals was that people would feel loved as persons, not just for their artistic performance. I thought this was great because deep down we all want to be valued not for what we do but who we are.

I sensed that the workshop participants did feel loved.

It was fun to hang out with my dad and my sister, April, who both participated in the workshop.

Having Dad in a workshop is like having a second instructor because he spends a lot of his time going around and chatting, sharing tips, critiques, etc.

Jed demonstrated throughout the day. You always learn a lot by watching another artist paint. And he’s pretty good.

Everyone worked hard on their art paintings throughout the day.

And ended up with some great paintings!

Plus we had time together to visit and just be in community.

All in all it was a great workshop…We’re already planning for another Jed Dorsey workshop in October.

Here’s a fun little video I made up of our time together. Enjoy.

Jed Dorsey solo show “There and Back Again” a smashing success

Jed Dorsey’s solo show at Sunnyshore Studio that opened on Saturday, July 15th practically sold out. Here’s the story.

On Friday night, the 14th, we hung the show. Jenny worked her “collaging” magic. Jed’s paintings were “fresh” as advertised. On Saturday morning he was still finishing one of them up!


It was a beautiful day on Saturday the 15th. At the welcome center as you enter the Studio there was a thank you and information on our sponsor, Wade Starkenburg and Stanwood Self-Storage. There was also a raffle ticket where for five dollars you could enter to win one of five prizes: first place was a painting, second place a free spot at Jed’s October workshop worth $300, and third place was $100 off a painting. The raffle tickets sold briskly throughout the day.

Right away Jed’s paintings began to sell.

The signature piece was one of the first to go.

There and Back Again

By about 2pm we were amazed by how many red stickers there were. I went through the Gallery and took pictures of all of them.

Patrons and collectors were very excited to get their piece!

What we enjoy most about hosting shows is the community that is built around them.


That evening, thanks to our sponsor, we were able to treat our guests to hotdogs, potato salad, chips and drinks. The party lasted till nine.

By the end of the night Jed had sold 14 of the 26 paintings on display. We were ecstatic, and Jed very encouraged.

But we could not have anticipated what happened next. A friend had asked via facebook what paintings were left. So on Sunday I posted the paintings that were left. They included these.

Cindy led the way by purchasing two. And after her we sold 4 more via facebook. It was super fun and overwhelmingly encouraging to have such an overflow of support.

And that’s how in the end Jed sold 20 of 26 of his paintings!

We were able to send him and Renae and Willow off to Canada with a little financial breathing space.

We’re looking forward to another solo show for Jed in July 2018. Our advice is to get their early!




Jed, Renae and Willow’s Epic Road Trip and “Reveal”

This week artist Jed Dorsey, his wife Renae and daughter Willow are embarking on an “epic road trip” from Indiana out west. The trip will last 46 days and include one art workshop, one art show, 2 family reunions, one pop-up camper, two ferries, two countries, two parents and one five year old.

Epic Road Trip

Anyone who has gone on an epic road trip like this knows that it will be full of fun adventures, bumps and bruises, and rich memories.

Sunnyshore Studio is thrilled to be hosting Jed’s solo show “There and Back Again”. The opening for the show will be on Saturday, July 15th. It will run all day, beginning at 10:00am to 9:00pm. But the food, fun and festivities will really pick up at the reception from 6:00-9:00pm.

postcard 1

We are calling this a “reveal” for two reasons.

First, we are calling it a “reveal” because this will be the first solo show Jed has had on Camano and, in fact, in Washington State. Jed is a native of Camano Island, the son of noted artist Jack Dorsey, and a rising star in the art world.

Second, we are calling it a “reveal” because we are so excited to showcase Jed’s stunning artwork. Like their “epic road trip” Jed’s art captures the moods and mysteries, lights and darks, glories and greatness of nature.

Hiking Whistler

Jed’s friends from High School, and all art lovers and friends of the arts on Camano, wont want to miss Jed’s “There and Back Again” show.

mud puddles

“There and Back Again” opens on Saturday, July 15th and runs through August 1st. If you can’t make the opening on Saturday, July 15th, you can schedule a private viewing by calling Sunnyshore Studio’s Artistic Director Jason Dorsey: 317.208.6768



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