In days of strife, alienation, loneliness, loss and anxiety, art can can calm and comfort and even inspire hope. It says, “there is light and high beauty forever beyond the reach of shadow.”

New artwork by Jed will be shown at Sunnyshore Studio on Saturday, October 24 and Saturday, October 31, as well as at our online gallery. Each painting will be named with words like Hope, Peace, Courage, Comfort, etc. Jed’s desire through the showing of new work is to inspire hope in his patrons, collectors and friends through his art.

Jed is a nationally recognized artist. He is the Director of Acrylic University, an online art school with over 300 students from around the world. His paintings are collected and treasured by friends, collectors and patrons around the US and beyond. Jed’s shows at Sunnyshore Studio sell out, so we encourage serious buyers to be at our bricks and mortar gallery, or online store, when it opens at 10am on Saturday, October 24.

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