This week artist Jed Dorsey, his wife Renae and daughter Willow are embarking on an “epic road trip” from Indiana out west. The trip will last 46 days and include one art workshop, one art show, 2 family reunions, one pop-up camper, two ferries, two countries, two parents and one five year old.

Epic Road Trip

Anyone who has gone on an epic road trip like this knows that it will be full of fun adventures, bumps and bruises, and rich memories.

Sunnyshore Studio is thrilled to be hosting Jed’s solo show “There and Back Again”. The opening for the show will be on Saturday, July 15th. It will run all day, beginning at 10:00am to 9:00pm. But the food, fun and festivities will really pick up at the reception from 6:00-9:00pm.

postcard 1

We are calling this a “reveal” for two reasons.

First, we are calling it a “reveal” because this will be the first solo show Jed has had on Camano and, in fact, in Washington State. Jed is a native of Camano Island, the son of noted artist Jack Dorsey, and a rising star in the art world.

Second, we are calling it a “reveal” because we are so excited to showcase Jed’s stunning artwork. Like their “epic road trip” Jed’s art captures the moods and mysteries, lights and darks, glories and greatness of nature.

Hiking Whistler

Jed’s friends from High School, and all art lovers and friends of the arts on Camano, wont want to miss Jed’s “There and Back Again” show.

mud puddles

“There and Back Again” opens on Saturday, July 15th and runs through August 1st. If you can’t make the opening on Saturday, July 15th, you can schedule a private viewing by calling Sunnyshore Studio’s Artistic Director Jason Dorsey: 317.208.6768



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