Author Jason Dorsey teamed up with his dad to illustrate I Remember Fishing with Dad, which tells the stories of a father, son, and grandson fishing (and remembering a special derby day) in the salmon waters of the Pacific Northwest.

This book is perfect for fathers, sons and daughters, grandsons and grandaughters. It explores through story how impactful it is when a dad spends time with his son or daughter. And all who remember fishing with their dad will find it brings them back to those sweet times together.

Over 1,000 people have purchased a copy. If you order yours today we can have it mailed to you in time for Father’s Day, June 18th.

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One last thing. This book is the first of a series of 12 books that will weave story and art to explore the big themes of life. Jason’s second book,¬†I Remember Running through the Woods is scheduled to be published in October 2018.

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