Victor’s Celtic Coffee Co. (7993 Gilman Street, Redmond, Washington 98052), located in the heart of the city, is a popular eastside destination for coffee, pastries, and conversation. Victor’s is also a patron to the arts. Each month art from different local artists is featured on the walls at Victors.

In the month of June, art from Jack Dorsey, Ann Cory, Jason Dorsey, April Nelson, and Jed Dorsey are featured. Here is the story of how Sunnyshore Studio took the art to the streets.

Each Wednesday morning at 6:30am Jason meets with a group of men from the church in Redmond he pastors, Redeemer. He had noticed an ad for artists to show their artwork at Victors so he inquired and was booked for the month of June

That is how on Wednesday afternoon, May 31st, Jason and his wife Jenny, who is the Master Collager of art, found themselves hanging art at Victors.

Jenny laid the art out and began to visualize where it would go.


She put some of April’s art up over the table where the cream, sugar, etc. is kept; a great place for people to enjoy the art.


April’s florals are lovely.


She put the artists bios up there too.


She put Jack’s beautiful watercolors on the main wall, fitting for the Patriarch of the family.



She agonized how to lay out Jed’s striking acrylics. She started with this layout.


Then tried this one.


Then laid them out on the table to try to figure out the perfect collaging of his art.


And ended with this.


In contrast, she promptly put Jason’s paintings in the hallway leading to the bathroom. There’s debate as to whether that is or isn’t a prime viewing location 🙂


Ann’s lovely painting of two girls playing at the beach is next to some more of her daughter, April’s, more abstract paintings.


We also put up a display of Sunnyshore Studio books but, unfortunately, weren’t able to keep them up.


Jason did the best he to have a good attitude as Jenny worked her collaging magic. They were rewarded at the end of it all with two delicious latte’s from a kind barrista,


And that’s how Sunnyshore Studio took it to the streets in Redmond, WA!

We hope our east side neighbors come out and enjoy a little slice of what is the creative, vibrant, dynamic, Sunnyshore Studio and Dorsey family of artists! 





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