My dream for Sunnyshore Studio was that it would be a blessing my family of artists. That dream came true in a very specific way, last week. Here’s that story. On March 12, my dad, legendary northwest artist Jack Dorsey turned 83. I hoped we could bless dad by writing him a check for $8,300 (or more) but new that would be a stretch because we take a 20% commission so we would have to sell $10,400 of his art. By the last day of the auction (March 31) we had sold $10,000 worth of art, very good but just a bit short of our goal.

But…on March 20, someone had reached out to me to make a bid on two paintings. In their email they asked me, “I was curious if you have any trillium paintings.  I grow hundreds of them and would be interested in paintings.” I had emailed my family of artists to see if any of them had painted, or were willing to paint, a trillium. Dad got back to me and said that he would give it a go. He did a wonderful painting of trilliums, which I shared with the gal on April 2nd when I let her know that she was the owner of two Jack Dorsey originals. Here is Dad’s painting.

She ended up not buying the painting. But…another one of Dad’s collectors, Cindy Sundberg, saw the trillium painting posted on my Facebook page and reached out to me to let me know she was interested. She shared with me the story behind her love for trilliums:

“Our love of trilliums started way back with my Great-Grandma Ostenna, my Grandma Helen Lund’s mother.  She lived around the corner from my Grandma & Grandpa Lund up in the Cedarhome area (Lund Road). When Mom was a little girl, she and Great-Grandma often walked a wooded trail on my grandparent’s property to go between the homes.  In the spring, they eagerly looked for trilliums on their walks because it was the first sign of spring. When they found them, they’d bring a few back to my Grandma Helen and she’d make a bouquet. Grandpa did the same and he’d always exclaim “Spring has sprung!” As little girls, Kirsten and I joined in the hunt and there was a spirited competition to spot the first trilliums and bring a few to Grandma. The property where Kirsten and I were raised also had a few trilliums, so even after my grandparents’ passing, we’d still walk our property trying our hardest to be the first one to announce, “Spring has sprung!” and bring one to Mom. Seeing that lovely painting by your Dad brought back some terrific memories. We’re delighted to take it home.”

On Saturday, Cindy’s husband Steve, stopped by Dad and Mom’s place to pick up their Jack Dorsey originals!

The Sundberg’s purchase, and the purchase of Jack Dorsey art from the auction of many of others, including my cousin Bobbi Jo and her husband Kelly Bay, longtime supporters of Dad, helped us hit our goal. We will be writing a check to Dad for close to $8,500! This means a lot to Dad and Mom in terms of being able to support themselves at this stage of their life, and it means a lot to me to be able to bless them in this way!

Stories like this are what makes running Sunnyshore Studio a joy to my heart: seeing art find a loving home, and friendship and community built through art. Thank you Sundbergs, and thank you to all Dad’s friends, collectors, supporters and patrons who helped me bless my Dad on his 83rd birthday.

If you want to add to Dad’s blessing, you can still purchase art from the auction until I take Dad’s art down. You can go to the auction here!


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