The Vintage Watercolorists of Washington has been a five year project, a labor of love. It has been our joy the past five years (with 2021 taken off because of Covid) to celebrate legendary watercolorists. One of the ways that we celebrated these artists was by a custom-made poster highlighting them. We are excited to share the poster for the grand finale of the Vintage Project!

Poster Highlights

  • It features all twenty of the Vintage Watercolorists of Washington
  • It highlights basic information about the show
  • It features our Corporate Sponsors: Northwest Watercolor Society, This Coffee Life and Acrylic University.
  • And it features our Family Sponsors: The Bay Family, the Harry Baird Family and the David Eldridge Family.

Fun Story

I’ll be sharing articles about Corporate and Family sponsors in the weeks to come. As awesome as those are, they are not my favorite part of the poster. My favorite part is that as I was working on the poster this afternoon I realized that the lettering for Sunnyshore Studio was hard to see. I reached out to my daughter Jacqueline, who is an art student at Covenant College, and asked if she could help. I sent her a couple of photos I had of the Sunnyshore Studio brand.

Jackie sent me back this! Isn’t it AWESOME!

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