I’ve been reaching out to a few friends and family members who I think might be interested in being Family Sponsor for the Vintage Watercolorists of WA Finale at the Floyd show on Saturday, March 11. It is a big event, and our creative studio is stretched thin financially to make it happen. One of those friends I reached out to is one of my oldest and best friends, Harry Baird.

We basically grew up together on the south end of Camano. We were “gutter rats” as one of our friends used to put it, from poor families, not having much, but having each other and an incredible island playground.

We hung out at each other’s homes.

We fished together. He taught me how to catch flounders and perch from the drop off at the beach below our house.

We made knives out of steel rebar on the forge and anvil.

Played at the beach together

We went to church camp together.

Went on one camping trip together.

Played football together.

And board games

And lots of baseball together

We dressed up together

Had wars in the woods together

Dad was even able to get some work out of the south end boys when we were hanging out at our place together.

I went off to college and Harry went to work. But we stayed in touch. He would swing by the DORSEY FAMILY ART BOOTH at the Stanwood-Camano fair to hang out and support us.

When we moved back to Washington after 13 years in Indianapolis Harry and I picked up right where we had left off. Harry took me fishing. But this time in a very nice boat, or a guided service. Now we were old men, but still young in heart who still loved the pull of a big fish on the pole.

Harry’s like an uncle to my kids. If I ever am in a tight place, I just need to reach out to Harry and ask him for help. I know that. And I hope that he knows the same about me with him and his family.

So like I was saying, when it came time for me to reach out to friends and family who might be able and willing to be a Family Sponsor of our Vintage show I thought of Harry. He’d grown up at our table. Dad had been his baseball coach for years and years. We’re fishing buddies and old friends. And even though Harry is going through a tough time with the loss of a dear friend, he said “for sure.”

Thanks friend.

If you would like to learn more about being a Family or Corporate Sponsor of the Vintage Show you can learn more here:


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