On Monday, January 9, my friend Esther and I took a day trip to Camano. Along the way we ran some errands. One of those included signing the facility agreement and putting money down to rent the Floyd Hall in Stanwood for the grand finale of the Vintage Watercolorists of Washington. It was fun to show Esther paintings by my sister April and Dad, Jack Dorsey. They are on the wall behind Esther.

Judith Fernandez worked with us to get the facility agreement in order. Here she is with a beautiful Perry Acker watercolor behind her and with me as I sign the paperwork. The Floyd Norgaard was built in 1902, and since that time has hosted many memorable events for all visitors. The building has been recently remodeled (2003-2021) and brought back to it’s original glory for the purpose of creating a lively and nostalgic environment to bring together friends, family, and community. It’s large hall is perfect for the gathering of the 1,000+ we anticipate attending the Vintage Watercolorists of Washington grand finale to our five year project. Here’s a little introduction…


Washington State has been home to a host of distinguished watercolor artists such as Perry Acker, Jess Cauthorn, Victoria Savage, Elizabeth Warhinik, Mike Burns and Arne Jensen. And Washington has master “vintage” watercolorists painting today. To highlight this legacy, Sunnyshore Studio hosted four Vintage Watercolorists of Washington shows (in March of 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022). Each show honored five legendary living watercolorists who enriched the cultural life of Washington through their art, teaching, and leadership. Our vision was to preserve and share their stories through a video documentary and a coffee table book to inspire a new generation of watercolorists. The Vintage Watercolorists of Washington project culminates with the Finale at the Floyd.


The Finale at the Floyd will be a one day event (March 11, 2023) at the historic Floyd building (27130 102nd Ave NW, Stanwood, WA). We expect a large crowd of over 1,000 people to enjoy the event. The Floyd Hall will be a visual feast including the following:

  • A gallery showcasing a painting by each vintage artist
  • Two lectures and a panel discussion exploring watercolor and the artistic calling
  • Plenty of time to rub shoulders with the vintage artists, including book signings
  • Watercolor demonstrations by the vintage artists
  • A painting station for emerging watercolorists and kids
  • Release of the Vintage Watercolorists of Washington coffee table book
  • Premier of the Vintage Watercolorists of Washington documentary
  • A “pop up” store to “get started” in watercolor with instructional books, watercolor supplies and more


·         10:00am show opens

·         10:00-12:00 am Emerging artist/kid art station painting Washington State Maps & People’s Choice Awards

·         1:00-3:00 Vintage Artists Talks, Demonstrations & Book Signings

·         3:00-4:00 Meet the Artists reception

·         4:00 Premier of the Vintage Watercolorists of Washington documentary

I hope that you will be able to join us at the Floyd to celebrate these legendary Washington Watercolorists in this Historic Building!

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