This is the last painting of Oswald State Park. This is the third painting from this special Thanksgiving Jenny and I spent last Thanksgiving with her folks. I took a lot of photos as we hiked around at Oswald West State Park. Here is one of them. I can’t track down the photo from which my painting is based. But it will be clear from this photograph that the overcast scene the day that we were at the beach is very different from the setting sun hitting the rocks and trees of the cliff that I painted.

This is called artistic imagination. I imagined what the setting sun would do the the rocky cliff and trees to the south of the cove framed by the dark foreground.

Imagination is essential to art.

A photographer captures what is there; an artist sees into the essence and goes beyond the surface of realism to the impression of a moment, the feel of a place, a taste of an experience. I hope that I was able to do that with this painting. One artist friend pointed out that the foreground trees create a triptych (painting on three panels). I didn’t see that then but I see that now. Now from this special day at Oswald State Park we drive south on 101. What beach will be next?


  • This painting is double matted (not framed). The mat and backing board are covered with a plastic sleeve
  • Approximate size: 22″ tall, 30″ wide
  • Price: $350
  • To negotiate a pay-what-you-can-price contact Jason Dorsey @ 317.209.6768 or

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