I shared yesterday about how Thanksgiving 2021, Jenny and I and her parents, Ron and Grace, spent traipsing around the Oregon Coast. It was a magical day, especially our time at Oswald West State Park. At one point Jenny and I were walking the beach, holding hands, wind in our faces.

the sun broke through the heavy grey clouds and made a patch of silver sunlight on the waves that was so breathtaking that I just had to snap some photos. I knew that later I would paint that scene.

There is an art to walking the Oregon coast. First, dress warm. Make sure you are in layers so that you stay warm, and then, if you warm up, you can take off the top layers and warm up. Second, be ready for the wind. The wind can be fierce at the coast, and the cold wind coming of the water can chill the bones. Third, walk with someone you love. This is the critical piece. To share the rugged beauty of the ocean, to walk with the rhythmic pounding of the surf, to hold hands amidst the beauty, to thank the Creator that the beauty points to, these are the gifts that a companion on the coast brings.

This is the painting that came from that moment, the impression of which on heart and soul was so breathtaking.

If you are interested in this painting you can learn more of the details here. Also, please note, this painting is framed!

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