We continue our journey south down Highway 101. With 362 miles of dramatic Oregon coastline. Oregon is a beach lover’s paradise. I have enjoyed many of those beaches. But I don’t remember what was my first experience of the Oregon Coast. It may have been my freshman year of college when we went to the coast at the end of Rush week. Or it could have been with our Camano Chapel youth group’s traveling singing and drama team called Exaltation.

The photo below is of us from Exaltation. It probably was a beach in California because it looks like we’ve been playing in the water. And the Pacific in Oregon is really cold. But for today I’m imagining that it was one of the Oregon Beaches. There are a lot of great people in this photo. From left to right, Lynn Wayland Curry, George Colby, I can’t figure out the gal to my right, myself, Erin Peek, Naomi Ulsted, Malynda Shipley and Derek Dodgson.

A beach that I still have to explore is Manzanita Beach on the north coast in Tillamook County, twenty-five miles south of Seaside and twenty-five miles north of Tillamook. Reading descriptions, it features a long stretch of pristine sand “perfect for lounging on our building sandcastles.” The beach ends at the base of Neahkahnie Mountain “creating a stunning creating a stunning backdrop and a great spot to view the striking coastline from above.”

I found the photo on which this painting above is based on Shutterfly. What struck me about it was the massive cliffs, the crashing waves along their edges, and their reflection in the sand.

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