The Stanwood-Camano Art Advocacy Commission [SCAAC] has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Stanwood to partner in the Wayfinding Element of the City Beautification Program, which includes design and installation of decorative/seasonal banners in the downtown and uptown districts. 

Project Description

SCAAC will manage the design and production of 60 seasonal banners for the City of Stanwood.  These banners shall meet the size, materials, and aesthetic standards outlined in Exhibit B, Banner Narrative. 

Banners shall be double sided with the same design on each side and the graphics shall be easily readable by pedestrians and motorists. 

All banners shall be delivered to the City of Stanwood’s Community Development Department by noon on Monday May 16, 2022, unless an alternate date is agreed upon by both the City of Stanwood and SCAAC.

Number of Banners

A total of 60 seasonal banners will be produced, split evenly between two seasonal themes:  30 summer banners and 30 fall banners.  For each season a total of 15 designs shall be prepared.

Summer ThemeFall Theme
Number of Banners3030
Number of Designs1515
Number of Banners Per Design22

Banner Theme

Graphic designs for the banners shall concentrate on the two general themes of summer and fall.  Suggestions include, but are not limited to, focusing on the beauty of the Stanwood / Camano region.

Summer ThemeFall Theme
Summer / Spring Color PaletteFall Color Palette
Outdoor ActivitiesSnow Goose / Birding
Welcome / Shopping / Family FunFarming


SCAAC shall be responsible for banner production and payments to the artists.  For this work SCAAC will paid a stipend to manage the project.  Below is the project budget and expected expenditures.

Banner Production60 Banners @ $70.00 / Banner$4,200.00
Artist Stipend$175.00 / Design Total of 30 Designs$5,250.00
SCAAC Stipend5%$500.00
Contingency $50.00
Total: $10,000


The 2022 Banner Project shall proceed according to the schedule.

Task Order – Notice to Proceed IssuedJanuary 21
SCAAC Call for Artist DesignsFebruary 4
City / SCAAC Review of DesignsMarch 9
Designs Reviewed by Economic Development BoardMarch 18
City Council Approval of DesignsApril 8
Edits & Banner Production by SCAACApril 9 – May 4
Banners Due to CityMay 6
Banner InstallationMay 11 – May 13

SCAAC is thrilled to support local artists and partner with the City of Stanwood to make our city more beautiful!

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  1. Bobbi Samples

    Thanks! Can you confirm the size of finished product of the banners, and the desired size and dimension of the Artist design for submittal? Should the design be in color? Can it be a drawing with color done in a different medium (Such as colored pencil or pastels) than the final banner?

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