Overview of Vintage Watercolorists of Washington Project

Washington State has been home to many distinguished watercolor artists such as Perry Acker, Jess Cauthorn, Victoria Savage, Elizabeth Warhinik, Mike Burns, and Arne Jensen to name a few. Outstanding watercolorists call Washington home today. To honor this legacy, Sunnyshore Studio is hosting five Vintage Watercolorists of Washington shows: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022 and 2023. The first four showcase master watercolorists who live in Washington and who have enriched its cultural life through their artwork, teaching and leadership. The 2023 show will be the grand finale displaying art from all the vintage artists, releasing the Vintage Watercolorists of Washington coffee table book, and premiering the documentaries telling the stories of each artists. 


The Vintage Watercolorists of Washington project publicly celebrates Washington’s rich heritage of watercolor artists, promotes watercolor as a medium for fine art, and inspires a new generation of watercolor artists through well attended art shows, a popular coffee table book, and globally accessible and well-crafted documentaries that tell the stories of twenty watercolor artists.  

Jack Dorsey Invitational

The Vintage Watercolor of Washington show is called the Jack Dorsey Invitational in honor of the patriarch of Sunnyshore Studio and one of the vintage watercolorists of Washington today. Jack Dorsey chooses the artists for each year of the Vintage Show. Selection is based on the following criteria: 60+ years of age, proven record of contributing to the artistic/cultural life of Washington State, demonstrate a high level of mastery and artistry in their watercolor paintings. 

Sunnyshore Studio and Northwest Watercolor Society Partnership

Sunnyshore Studio is thankful for the partnership we have had with the Northwest Watercolor Society (NWWS) in the annual vintage show. NWWS is a champion of watercolor in Washington and is recognized as one of the ten most prominent regional watercolor societies in North America. It is also a good fit because the vintage project highlights many great watercolorists in WA. By telling their unique stories, it promotes watercolor and inspires emerging artists. Many of the artists listed above are NWWS members, or have served as presidents of NWWS. Finally, the Dorsey family’s history with NWWS goes back many years. Jack Dorsey served as the president of NWWS in 1979-1980; and Jason Dorsey, the Artistic Director of Sunnyshore Studio, is a member of NWWS. 

2018 Vintage Watercolorists of Washington

1. Thomas William Jones

2. John Ringen, NWWS Signature Member & Past President

3. Nancy Axell, NWWS Member & Past President

4. Genny Rees, NWWS Member 

5. Jack Dorsey, NWWS Member & Past President

2019 Vintage Watercolorists of Washington

1. Jerry Stitt, NWWS Member

2. Nancy Fulton, NWWS Member

3. Seiko Konyo, NWWS Signature Member

4. Sandy Langford, NWWS Member

5. Cooper Hart

2020 Vintage Watercolorists of Washington

1. John Ebner, NWWS Signature Member

2. Carla O’Conner, NWWS Signature Member

3. Tony Turpin

4. Joan Pinney, NWWS Member

5. Joan Reeves, NWWS Member

2021 Show Cancelled Due to Covid

ANNOUNCING THE 2022 Vintage Watercolorists of Washington

1. Eric Weigardt, NWWS Signature Member

2. Bill Hook, NWWS Signature Member

3. Deanne Lemley, NWWS Signature Member

4. Molly Murrah, NWWS President and Signature Member

5. H. Rusty Platz III, NWWS Signature Member

2022 Vintage Watercolorists of Washington Show Information

  • Show Opens on Saturday, March 12, 10am-5pm
  • Meet the Artists Reception, March 12, 3pm
  • Show Continues on Saturday, March 19, 10am-5pm
  • Show Concludes on Saturday, March 26, 10am-5pm
  • At Sunnyshore Studio: 2803 S.E. Camano Drive, Camano Island, Washington

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