I’m excited to share about a creative partnership between the Stanwood-Camano Art Advocacy Commission (SCAAC) and the Stanwood-Historical Society (SAHS): Legacy Collection Art Cards. Here are the details:

As part of a new collaboration organized by the Stanwood Area Historical Society, twelve (12) artists have been selected by the SCAAC membership to participate in this project for 2022 – the first year in which the first series of cards will be produced.

Each of these 12 artists will select an artifact from the SAHS permanent collection to be the centerpiece of a new “Legacy” art card design. Following the initial review of the SAHS collection on site at the museum facility, each artist will have their selected artifact “loaned” to them temporarily for a four-month time period, transported to their studio for review and inspiration as they create a new artwork as the basis for each Legacy card.

The following list is the SCAAC selection of 12 artists for the partnership with the Stanwood Area Historical Society. Each of the artists is local, is gifted in their medium, represents a diversity of styles. We look forward to seeing each create a beautiful and bold artwork for the project:

  1. Karla Matzke
  2. Jack Gunter
  3. Susan Cohen Thompson
  4. Chaim Bezalel and Yonnah Ben Levy
  5. Jack Dorsey
  6. Sharon Snelling
  7. Amy Martin
  8. Bobbi Samples 
  9. Michelle Rushworth
  10. John Ebner
  11. Val Paul Taylor
  12. Molly LeMaster

A local graphic designer & photographer, Judy Fernandes, will be undertaking the photography and card design preparation in summer 2022, with an initial production run of 1,500 card packs (12 cards in each pack) to follow. In the fall of 2022, the Stanwood Area Historical Society will offer a public exhibition to display the 12 SCAAC artist original artworks for the community, alongside the 12 collection pieces offered on view with each artist’s collectible card design at the Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center for several months.

Judith Fernandez

Support for this project has been generously provided to the Stanwood Area Historical Society by the Leland J. & Dorothy H. Olson Charitable Foundation.

Media inquiries may be directed to:

Fred Poyner IV, Executive Director, SAHS and Project Director; email: director@sahs-fncc.org; phone: 360-853-3337.

Fred Poyner IV

For additional information about the Legacy Art Collection Cards Project, please contact: Jason Dorsey, SCAAC; email: j.dorsey23@gmail.com.

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