This past weekend some of the Dorsey clan spent a wonderful weekend in Plain, WA, celebrating Jason and Jenny Dorsey’s 29th wedding anniversary in a place with family roots. Friends from Redeemer Redmond graciously provided hospitality at their sweet cabin in the Ponderosa neighborhood.

It was a sacred time with family: feasting, visiting old haunts, playing at the river, visiting Leavenworth, feasting together…

…and painting together.

On Saturday, June 19th, Jack, the patriarch of our family of artists, Jeff, his oldest son, Jed, who is a professional artist, Jason, who for his sabbatical assembled a backpack with art supplied to paint outdoors, and his son, Jacob, spent time painting one of the old pioneer homestead and barns in Plain, WA. Jack’s family had moved to Plain when he was sixteen, and he graduated from Leavenworth high school. He logged with the Burgess family. And Jack and Ann would drive their Volkswagon Van over the pass once a month to spend time with Jack’s folks who lived in Plain. Jack was baptized by Pastor Otto Sather at the big rock just across from Plain Community Church. The Dorsey family roots go deep here.

It was fun to paint together.

Jack’s subject was the old homestead.

Jason painted the two barns and the forested hill behind.

Jed painted the field the barns. Jeff painted that same field from another angle. He’s still working on his painting. Jacob kept his dad company, and did some sketching of his own.

The finished paintings came out nice. And their time together painting was special, a gift.

You can meet or spend time with Jack, Jason and Jed at the Camano Island Studio Tour that runs this coming weekend, Friday, June 25 through Sunday, June 27, 10am-5pm. A couple of these painting might even be for sale!

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