Betty Dorotik’s charming birds and collages have been a long time favorite every year she has shown with us for the Studio tour. She captures the joyful spirit of the birds with a delicate touch with grace and life. From her cards to her larger pieces, the sweet pieces capture the viewers eye and imagination with the PNW essence.

Betty, how did you get started in art?

I always like to draw when I was a kid but never took art seriously until my youngest child entered high school and I had some free time to take art classes through the Parks Dept. I wanted to do watercolor because I thought I could do some paintings to decorate my house.  That didn’t happen…I didn’t really like painting still life and I know know that if you don’t paint what you like, it will show in your work. I continued with lessons after moving to Camano, joined some art groups and participated in summer festivals but still hadn’t found my heart until I went to a John James Audubon exhibit at Seattle Art Museum.  There I realized that what I truly wanted to paint were birds.  I never took time to watch birds until I moved to Camano and my subject matter was right there outside my window.I am still in love with painting birds.

What have you been painting recently?

Recently, I completed a Common Flicker in snow as well as a Towhee, Hummingbirds, and Chickadees. 

“Flicker in the snow” Watercolor

“Still” Watercolor with fabric collage

“heartstrings” Watercolor with fabric collage

Why are you excited about showing your art at the studio tour this year?

I’m excited and honored to be back at Sunnyshore Studio among such talented artists. I’m anxious to see some old familiar faces that have missed going on the tour…masks or not.

Join us at location #3 on the Camano Island Studio Tour to see Betty’s beautiful work. It starts on Friday, June 25th and runs through Sunday, June 27th from 10-5pm.

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