Here are the amazing, talented, gifted, fun, creative artists that Sunnyshore Studio has the honor of showcasing at the Camano Island Studio Tour on Friday, June 25-Sunday, June 27.

Fanny Y. Cory

Renown 20th Century illustrator and cartoonist Fanny Y. Cory is the matriarch of our family of artists. Her exquisite fairy illustrations delight young and old alike, and her original illustrations sell for thousands. You will enjoy all the ways Sunnyshore Studio celebrates her creativity.

Jack Dorsey

Painting subjects common to experience but uncommon to expression, Jack Dorsey’s artwork is enjoyed by friends, collectors and patrons all over the northwest and beyond. The patriarch of our family of artists, we owe Jack a debt that we cannot repay for daring to go for it as a pioneer artist on Camano.

Jed Dorsey

Famous for his epic, light infused acrylic paintings, son of Jack and scion of our family of artists, Jed is a professional artist and the Executive Director of Acrylic University. Jed is one of the leading acrylic artists in America and his paintings are always popular with collectors, patrons and fans across the US.

Betty Dorotik

One of the most popular stops of the Camano Island Studio Tour, Betty’s beautiful garden and artwork is treasured. We are thrilled to have Betty with us for a second year, even though we know that this means that her fans won’t be able to enjoy her master work as a gardener. We know that you will enjoy her original art, cards and prints!

Amanda Pearson

Amanda can trace her lineage back to Fanny Y. Cory, the great grandmother of her dad. But her intricate art style that weaves fabric and paper into wonderful artworks is her own. This will be Amanda’s third time with us on the Studio Tour. Her art is always a popular item in the many options of originals and prints at affordable prices. And people love to see her doing her art at her station.

Jacqueline Dorsey

Daughter of Jason, Granddaughter of Jack and great-great granddaughter of Fanny, Jackie has art and creativity coursing through her veins. Many people see Fanny’s light and precise brushwork in Jackie’s beautiful flowers. Jackie is an art major at Covenant College and is spending the summer as an Emerging Artist intern at Sunnyshore Studio.

Melanie Serroels

A pillar in the artist community, the Camano Art Association runs by the gifts and volunteer effort of Melanie and others like her. She is also a good artist, painting northwest inspired watercolors scenes. Her affordable art is enjoyed by many on the tour every year. We are so glad to have Melanie with us once again.

Kate Riley

We are thrilled to have neighbor and Camano Art Association colleague Kate Riley showing her three dimensional cement sculptures this year. We love to see the creativity of Camano Island artists showcased at our studio, and it makes it even better when the artist is such a great person like Kate. We think our guests will love her art too!

April Nelson

Colorful, impressionistic, and breathtaking, April’s artwork is enjoyed and valued, if you can get your hand on it. Daughter of Jack and Ann, April is a fourth generation artist. Her daughter Heidi whose does beautiful calligraphy work will be showing alongside her mother.

Ann Cory

Wife of Jack (Cory is her art name, after her grandmother Fanny) and mother of Jason, April and Jed, and grandmother of Jackie, Ann is a great support and nurturer of artists. But she is also a terrific artists herself. Her sweet paintings of children and flowers are treasured by all who buy her art!

Willow Dorsey

Our youngest artist, Willow is painting up a storm to get ready for the Studio Tour. The daughter of Jed, Willow has grown up with art and she’s showing some real talent if her bright blue butterfly painting is any indication of what our guests have in store.

Jason Dorsey

Jason is passionate about sharing beauty through art, books and film. He follows in the footsteps of his father painting watercolors and his great grandmother, Fanny Y. Cory, in illustrating books. He’s forging his own path as a filmmaker.

Jenny Dorsey

Jenny is the owner, CEO, CFO and COO of Sunnyshore Studio. She is the curator of our art shows, and runs the gallery. It is because of her that our studio is making it! She is also an incredibly creative person. You will see her touch throughout the gallery, especially in the fun and creative way she displays Fanny’s artwork!

Stop by Gallery #3 on Friday, June 25, Saturday, June 26 and Sunday, June 27 to meet these artists and enjoy their art. We will be open from 10am-5pm on these three days.

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