Sunnyshore Studio is glad to participate in our fifth Studio Tour sponsored by the Camano Art Association (CAA). CAA’s studio tours are wildly popular, with 1,000s of art and nature lovers traveling to Camano to see the creative outpouring of our Island of Artists. Sunnyshore Studio is a must stop destination with art filling our gallery and overflowing into booths. We expect our flowers to be in full bloom too! It will be dazzling.

The show runs from Friday, June 25-Sunday, June 27, 10am-5pm. Sunnyshore Studio is Studio #3.

Here is a quick overview of the line up of gifted artists that you won’t want to miss. Jackie Dorsey, our studio intern this summer, will be sharing write up about many of these artists over the next few weeks.

Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey, the patriarch of our family of artists, is a northwest legend. He paints beautiful watercolor, acrylic and oil paintings of subjects that are “common to experience but uncommon to expression.”

. Ann Cory

Granddaughter of renown artist, illustrator and cartoonish Fanny Y. Cory and wife of Jack (She goes by her middle name in her art), Ann continues the family of legacy of bringing a smile and beauty into the world through her love for people and flowers that she portrays in her acrylic paintings.

Jed Dorsey

Jack and Ann’s youngest son, Jed, is a professional artist and the Executive Director of Acrylic University. Jed’s light infused paintings are highly sought after by art lovers and collectors.

Betty Dorotik

Betty is a beloved Camano Artist whose garden has always been one of the favorite stops on the tour. Betty is taking a break from hosting this year, and we are thrilled to have her with us. Betty’s exquisite watercolors of birds and flowers collaged with fabric, and her cards, are some of our most popular items.

Jacqueline Dorsey

Jackie is a fifth generation Dorsey artist! Following in the footsteps of her great, great grandmother, F.Y. Cory, Jackie combines precision and detail and soft colors to paint flowers and, we are hoping, maybe even some fairies. Jackie is an Art Major at Covenant College.

Melanie Serroels

Melanie is another artist who lives on the south end the “cultural capital of Camano.” She often shows her northwest inspired watercolors at Sunnyshore Studio and sells them because they are not only celebrate this place we all love but also so affordable!

Amanda Pearson

Amanda, who is also a great great granddaughter of F.Y. Cory, is an emerging Minneapolis artists. Her intricate design work collaging paper and fabric always amazes studio guests. Her unique style and presentation makes her art very popular on the studio tour. We are thankful to have her with us again this year!

April and Heidi Nelson

April, the daughter of Jack and Ann, and her daughter, Heidi are fourth and fifth generation artists in our family. April soft pastels and impressionistic watercolors are incredible. Heidi’s calligraphy and painting combined to make sweet and meaningful art, and gifts for that special person in your life.

Willow Dorsey

The daughter of Jed and Renae Dorsey, Willow is definitely a “studio rat.” She has grown up around art and is a regular guest of Acrylic University live. You can learn more about Willow from this recent write up.

Jason Dorsey

Jason Dorsey, the son of Jack and Ann and Artistic Director of Sunnyshore Studio, loves to paint scenes from Camano and the Northwest. His paintings and many books are popular items for studio tour guests.

Jenny Dorsey

Owner and Curator of the Gallery, Jenny Dorsey always makes our studio a welcoming, inviting and beautiful space. You can shop her fairy story for delightful Fanny Y. Cory art, books and gifts. You will be amazed at the affordable art, enjoy rich conversation, and find yourself “at home” among our family of artists and friends…all because of Jenny!

Thanks to our friends, collectors and patrons

CAA’s studio tour is a highlight of our year. We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. We are so thankful for all the collectors and patrons who have purchased art from local artists and have made our studio thrive. Thousands of people have purchased art from our family of artists since Jack and Ann moved onto Camano in 1969 to be full-time artists. We are thankful for your support. We couldn’t do it without you!

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