Sunnyshore Studio is will swing wide our doors for the annual Camano Art Association’s Studio tour on Friday, June 25-Sunday, June 27. We have an awesome lineup of artists who will be displaying their work. Today we want to introduce you to Willow. Born in 2011, Willow is the youngest artist who will be showing work for the popular Studio Tour. We caught up with this emerging artist earlier this week.

Sunnyshore Studio: Tell us some things about yourself.

Willow: I love gymnastics. I can feel freedom out there. I get to run around, learn skills and do tricks. My favorite skill is the round off back handspring back handspring on the floor.

I go to school at Utsalady elementary. My favorite class is recess. No, I’m kidding. I like reading and writing and art. I Love to color, to sing and listen to music. I love drawing animals and people. And I love food.

Sunnyshore Studio: What music do you like?

Willow: Any music really. Well, I don’t really like rock. I don’t like classical music. I mostly listen to floor routine music.

Sunnyshore Studio: Who are your parents?

Willow: My dad is Jed Dorsey. He is an artist. My mom, Renae, helps him. Mom loves to doodle. And she loves dark chocolate

Sunnyshore Studio: What has it been like growing up in a family of artists?

Willow: Proud. Everyone I know in our family is very, very artistic. They are great at painting. I’m not that good at painting but I’m good at drawing. And gymnastics.

Sunnyshore Studio: Your Dad is always making videos for Acrylic University. Do you ever go on live?

Willow:Yes, I bring our cat Silver in and say “hi” and stuff like that.

Sunnyshore Studio: You are going to have some art in the upcoming Studio Tour show. Are you excited about that?

Willow: It’s not going to be my drawings that I show, it’s going to be my paintings. Some will be framed. And all of them will be for sale.

Sunnyshore Studio: Have you ever sold a painting before?

Willow: Yes, I have. I actually won a kid’s art competition. We were driving across the country, from Indiana to Washington, and we stopped in a town and I entered a kids art contest. And I won some paint brushes and colored pencils.

Sunnyshore Studio: Are you excited about being in the show?

Willow:Yes, it will be very fun. All my family will be there and get to see my art.

Sunnyshore Studio: What do you want people to know about you?

Willow: That I’m nine. I love art and animals and flowers and food. And mostly gymnastics.

We hope you will join us for the Camano Art Association’s popular Studio Tour. Our studio will be overflowing with amazing and affordable art, books, prints, cards and lots of incredible artists!

For more information about the Studio Tour go here:

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