Sunnyshore Studio is thrilled to launch its Emerging Artist Internship program with Jackie Dorsey as our first intern. The Emerging Artist Internship provides an immersion experience by participating in the life of a creative studio and art gallery: caring for the grounds, planning, promoting and hosting art events, training in video and graphic design work, work on creative projects and time for the intern to draw and paint. The Emerging Artist Intern program is supervised by Sunnyshore Studio’s Artistic Director – and Jackie’s dad – Jason Dorsey.

The Emerging Artist Internship program is a paid internship. It is designed for college age students who desire to integrate their Christian faith with the creative life as a vocational artist. And we are especially happy to have Jackie as our first intern!

Roles, Responsibilities and Rhythms

Intern Role and Responsibility is as follows:
• 40 hours per week of (1) Grounds Care, (2) Planning, Communication & Promotion, (3) Special Projects, (4) Painting.
• Meet weekly with Artistic Director
• Create a weekly work plan and report to Artistic Director on fulfilment
• 10 Vacation Days

The Internships weekly rhythms will be something like this.
• 1 Day of Grounds Care
• 1 Day of Planning, Communication & Promotion
• 1 Day of Special Projects
• 2 Days of Painting

Caring for the Grounds

Some of the things that Jackie will work on this summer in terms of caretaking of the grounds:
• Purchase & Plant flowers in flower beds & flower pots (May)
• Water Weekly
• Clean Windows (June)
• Clean, Sand & Paint Deck (June)
• Assist Jason in other projects as needed
• Assist Grandma Ann in her yardwork as needed

Creative Projects

The special projects that Jackie will work on are:
• One day filming artist Deane Lemley at her studio in Spokane, WA
• One day filming artist Eric Weigardt at his studio in Ocean Park, WA
• One day filming Bill Hook at his studio in Seattle, WA
• One day filming @ the old hardward store and potential new art center in Stanwood
• Oversee the Fairy Festival Pilot including (1) creating plan, (2) recruiting Redeemer families and others to participate, (3) executing plan, (4) follow up and feedback.
• Create Art Diary of Ann Dorsey’s flowers including (1) map of grounds, (2) paintings of trees and flowers, (3) stories/descriptions of flowers/trees.

Planning, Communication and Promotion

Under planning, communication and promotion Jackie will do the following:
• Meet for 1 hour each week with Artistic Director Jason Dorsey/present week’s work plan
• Post daily on Sunnyshore Studio’s Instagram & Facebook page
• Write a Weekly Internship Journal Blog of Sunnyshore Studio’s web page
• Work with Jason Dorsey to update Discover Beautiful Camano Plan
• Work with Jason Dorsey
• Work with Jenny Dorsey to Create Back to School Show Plan on Google Drive
• Create Graphic for Back to School Show
• Create Virtual Gallery with Back to School Paintings

Painting and Drawing

Finally, Jackie will be working on her own artwork. Here are some of the plans for painting.
• In May/June paint and frame for Studio Tour show
• Painting plein air with Jason, Jed and Jack
• Taking an Acrylic University Class Module
• Painting/Framing art for your solo “Back to School” show.
• Complete 2-3 Fairy Paintings for Fairy Pilot promotion

Doesn’t the internship sound like a lot of work and a lot of fun?

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