Hi everybody! My name is Jackie, and if you don’t already know who I am from my dad’s constant facebook and blog posts, here is a little bit about me! I am a 2D art major at Covenant College and I’ve been painting with watercolor since I was thirteen! Last year me and my dad had our first duo art show at Sunnyshore studio to raise money to send me to college. I’ve had my art in Camano Island studio tour and I’ve done a handful of commissions before. This summer I will be working as an intern for my dad, and I’m excited to have more art work in the studio tour show later this June and me and my dad will have another off to college show this August!

I returned back to Washington on May 21st after my first year at college. After settling back home I promptly started my studio internship with my dad on the 24th, when I cleaned out my tiny studio, set up my art supplies, and got down to business. I had been asked to do a floral commission for Lory Greathouse’s two nieces. For one of the pieces, I painted a cuckoo flower with a quote from Shakespeare surrounding the flowers. For the second piece, I painted Lilies with a Bible verse from Mathew 6. Once I finished the second painting I worked in the flower beds along the side of my studio to prepare for planting summer flowers later on this summer.

The next day I worked on online communications, emailing artists that are participating with us in the Studio tour later on in June and starting the online paperwork for my internship, like my journal and time log. This was the first time I really understood just what I had gotten myself into, working for my driven entrepreneurial father. 

The next day we had a family birthday breakfast for my brother Judah and I got a later start in the day after stuffing my face with strawberries and pancakes. I continued working on communication and doing little projects to help prep us for some bigger projects down the road. Since my dad is super big picture, I’m able to help with more detailed tasks to help him. I’ve been surprised to find out that me and my dad work really well together.

Following that, I took a day off to work with my mom on really moving into my room and taking time to spend with my brother Julian who is visiting for a little while here on the West Coast. My dad graciously has given me free time to make the most of my time with my brothers.

After that, I had a painting day where I started working on another commission for Lory of Daffodils and a Bible verse. This day was going to be a full painting day, but turned out to be more of a family day too.

On Saturday I went to the Ape Caves by Mt. St. Helen’s with my youth group and some other young adults. We left at 10:30 in the morning and didn’t get back until midnight. The caves were very cold and wet, with the constant drip of water coming from the stalactites. There were lots of boulders to climb over and even more puddles to splash in. After living in the PNW for six years, I’m glad I could finally check that adventure off my bucket list.

Yesterday, after church, me and my family drove up to Camano Island later in the evening after a going away party for our youth group coordinator and one of our youth group members who just graduated. On Memorial day, I got to work side by side with my dad and my mom weeding the drive through in front of our studio and prepping for the upcoming art shows this summer. My brothers drove up and joined us, and even helped out so that we could go jump in the water at Mabana beach later in the afternoon. We had a barbecue dinner with my grandparents later and then drove back to Redmond to get started with the rest of the week. 

I’d love it if you would stop by the Camano Island Studio Tour to see my new art and visit with our family of artists. It starts on Friday, June 25th and runs through Sunday, June 27th from 10-5pm.

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