On Monday, November 9, 5:00pm (Pacific Standard Time) you can join other fairy lovers and fairy seekers for the YouTube premier of “The Magical Garden.” Make some popcorn and hot chocolate, wrap yourself in a warm, snuggly blanket around your TV or computer and enjoy. The link is below.

In the ten episodes of Season Two of Fairy Sightings, Jason continues on his quest to sight a fairy. He and his mom, Fairy Master Ann Cory Dorsey, visit the home of gardener Betty Dorotik, who also happens to be a real Fairy Master too. Betty lives just a few hundred feet south of the cottage where Jason’s great grandmother, the renowned artist, illustrator and cartoonist Fanny Y. Cory lived. Fanny, who is one of the original Fairy Masters, brought fairies from her ranch in Montana to her cottage on the southwest side of Camano Island. Jason and Ann suspect that some of the fairies that used to live, work and play in Fanny’s Camano garden migrated south to Betty’s garden. Follow Jason, Ann and Betty on a magical walk through the garden. Jason learns a lot about Fairy lore. He may also sight, for the first time, a fairy. At the end of the garden tour Jason is officially appointed a Fairy Master Apprentice, and will commence his studies under the strict but caring oversight of his mom. This is a high honor to be sure.

If you missed Season One of Fairy Sightings you can watch it here.

The purpose of the Fairy Sightings series is to inspire the imagination of young and old alike, helping us see the glories of creation in a new way.

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