Sunnyshore Studio commenced our third season of Fairy Sightings on Saturday, October 31. You can watch episode one here.

We caught up with Director Jason Dorsey to learn more about this season and his vision for the Fairy Sightings series.

Sunnyshore Studio: What is Season Three of Fairy Sightings about?

Jason: In Season Three of Fairy Sightings, we have some fun with my dad, Jack Dorsey, husband of my mom and Fairy Master Ann Cory Dorsey. All these years Dad has lived with fairies just outside the door of his house and of his imagination. But there’s still hope for him. Dad has some German blood in him. He loves tools and has a “tool for every task.” Thankfully, there are German Industrial Fairies who also love tools, mining, industry, etc, and some of them just happen to live in the woods near Dad and Mom’s home. In Season Three my niece Willow and I go in search of these industrial fairies. Along the way we find an old well house. And we do make a discovery. But I don’t want to give that away.

Sunnyshore Studio: I noticed the animation at the intro to the video? What is that about?

Jason: My son Jacob created the animation. Didn’t he do a wonderful job? We’re using one of my great grandmother, Fanny Y. Cory’s, fairy illustrations for the intro to each episode. In her Fairy Alphabet this exquisite watercolor illustrates the letter G: “G is for gnome, who is digging for gold, but the beetle does most of the work, I am told.” Fanny’s fairy illustrations are kept at the Montana Historical Museum. One of the reasons for the Fairy Sightings series is to keep alive her incredible, vivid imagination.

Sunnyshore Studio: Tell me more. What do you mean by keeping alive her incredible, vivid imagination?

Jason: I believe that the imagination is one of the greatest gifts God gave us. But like any gift, it can be used in bad or good ways, or not even exercised at all. Fairy Sightings is about my search to sight a fairy. But really it is about the imagination. It is about learning to see in a new way, to discover the glories and beauties, the mystery and wonder of creation. When Mom visited her grandma, Fanny, who lived close to their farm on Camano, they spent quite a bit of time talking about fairies and looking for fairies among the flowers of Fanny’s garden.

Sunnyshore Studio: What are some practical ways parents or grandparents could nurture the imagination of children?

Jason: My wife Jenny has created these delightful Fairy Mystery boxes. They contain so little fairy things that can be used to create a Fairy Friendly habitat. We encourage children to create their own hand crafted Fairy Friendly habitat. It could be in a quiet nook in the backyard, or in a tin box that stays inside. The whole point is to create their own imaginary world. In the future we will ask for parents and children who have created a Fairy Friendly habitat to send us short videos. We look forward to seeing what they imagine!

Sunnyshore Studio: Where could I get one of these Fairy Mystery Boxes.

Jason: At our Fairy Gift Store online.

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