500 copies of Jason Dorsey’s new picture book Come In: Welcoming Children to Baptism and Communion has been ordered from the printer and is due to arrive in December.

Jason wrote the first draft of Come In in 2013 when he was lead pastor of Redeemer, Indianapolis and a volunteer with the New Star mentoring program that worked with youth from 16 Park Apartments, a few blocks east of Redeemer. Many of the youth from New Star began to attend Redeemer and wanted to start taking communion. Jason wanted to have a tool to share with the kid’s parents and guardians to help prepare them to meet with church leaders to share their own personal faith in Christ, which was a prerequisite to baptism and communion. Below is a picture of two young men on the special day of their baptism.

In Fall 2020, Jason reached out to pastors, friends and ministry colleagues to share the new draft of Come In with brand new illustrations. He received encouraging feedback from each person. He couldn’t decide to go with just one of the blurbs. At the end of the day, he decided that with each printing he would put a new blurb on the back of the book in the order that blurbs came in. That’s a lot of printings to get highlight each person who shared a blurb, but hey, the printing runs are small. Jason is super thankful for each person that took the time to recommend Come In. Check them out below.

Mo Leverett

Author and Musician

The church is for children – and for children at heart. Jesus purchased the church at great price so that all the children would be welcome. He is the heart and center of the church, and if you come as a child, you are at the center of His heart. He loves you like no one else could. And if you discover His love – you can remain a child forever – and always call Him friend and Daddy. Come on in! This book will show you the way.

Maria Garriott

Baltimore Antioch Leadership Movement, Parakaleo network leader & coach

This charming, creative, concise catechism introduces children to God’s Big Story of Grace and the “good news about God’s rescue.” Like other children’s books, Come In introduces important doctrines like the Bible, Jesus, and sin. However, it is unique in its clear explanation of the “Five Promises of Faith” believers take when joining God’s family, the Church. As a pastor in the Presbyterian Church in America, Dorsey has shepherded children and adults through these vows, which can be hard for postmodern ears to understand. Dorsey likens these promises to colors in an art palette that God uses “to make you the beautiful person God wants you to be.” The book’s winsome, diverse images invite all children to see themselves within its covers. Come In is a valuable aid to parents and guardians.

Doug Serven

Pastor of City Presbyterian Church, Oklahoma City, Author, The Birth of Joy: Philippians

“Come in” are beautiful words of invitation to caring, incarnational relationship. Jason has written a book with this core phrase in its title and ethos. Both children and adults will benefit from working through the writing, illustrations, and questions. God’s gracious story is one of rescue into his family, his house, his love. Into his incredible artwork for his glory and our good. Jason has helped us better understand and respond to God’s call. 

Kevin Thumpston

Author of Questions of the Heart and Pastor of Watershed Fellowship

Our children are not the church of tomorrow but the church of today! Jason Dorsey haswritten Come In with this passion and belief that children are a vital part of the church family now. If you are a parent looking for a great resource to nurture the faith of your children or a pastor searching for an age-appropriate explanation of church membership, then look no further. Come In is beautifully crafted in word and picture to capture the hearts and minds of your little ones as God makes them into his masterpieces. 

Zoe Erler

Mom and contributor to byFaith magazine

Come In provides a simple, straightforward theology for parents to read to and with their school-aged children who are beginning to ask questions about the sacraments. Written in a tone similar to The Jesus Storybook Bible, this book puts the basic teachings of God’s Word in fresh, vivid language, accompanied by beautiful watercolor illustrations. I am eager to read it with my own children and watch them respond to God’s invitation to participate in the life of the church. I wish my parents had a resource like this when I was a child!

Kristi James

Pastor’s Wife, Mom, and Ministry Assistant at City Church of Asheville

The joy of explaining the beauty of baptism and communion to children can sometimes be intimidating. As a church family, we want to welcome our children to participate but wonder how we might communicate such big ideas simply. Come In features beautiful watercolor paintings paired with simple reflections on life-changing truths. In this book, Jason has knelt down to look the child in the eye, sharing that “the church is for you!” Each reflection is an important step toward understanding the Gospel and joining the family of God. Both the child this book is written for and the adult who leads her through it will find great joy in the wonderful invitation of Jesus: My child, come in!

Scott Sauls

Scott Sauls, senior pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church and author of several books, including Jesus Outside the Lines and A Gentle Answer.

When Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them,” he did so with affection and resolve. Christianity, and belonging in the church of Christ in particular, has never been an “adult only” proposition. In fact, even adults must become like little children to be able to see and discern the kingdom of God. Jason has written a remarkable book here that will be such a helpful tool, not only for Christian parents as they disciple their children, but for entire churches as they disciple parents and guardians in the wonderfully hopeful, broadly accessible promises of God.

Tasha Chapman, PhD

Professor of Educational Ministries, Covenant Theological Seminary

God delights in the worship of children as members of his covenant community. Since children believe and trust easily, our adult care for them is weighty. This book helps us provide Bible instruction as our children grow in their expressions of faith, and knowledge and love of God. Dorsey provides representative short passages of Scripture paired with beautiful paintings to light our imaginations for deeper meaning. The richness of His carefully chosen words are a delight to ponder for any age, as he explains theology in light of God’s whole Story.

Josh Reitano

Pastor New City, Cincinnati, Co-Author of Rooted: The Apostle’s Creed

As a pastor, I have been searching for a book like Come In for the last ten years. Finally there is a resource to welcome children into the community of faith that is theologically rich, warmly inviting, and delightful to look at. And the chapters are short and doable for parents or mentors with children! I cannot wait to make use of Come In with children and families in our congregation.

Scott Dean

Pastor of Crossroads Church, Fishers

Jason has done a masterful job of inviting children to read the glorious story of the gospel and how they can participate in this story by faith and through the sacraments.  In addition, he provides simple but colorful art which draws you into the book.  I only wish that I had read this book when I was a child or had it to read with my children when they were young.  I highly recommend it and look forward to giving out copies to the children in our church.

Jessica Ribera

Author, THE ALMOST DANCER and mother of four

On these winsome pages, Jason achieves an astounding feat. He shows up on the page as he does in real life, as a kind, humble, truly inclusive man hoping for children to experience the fullness of the gospel. Facing a landscape of children’s Christian literature blazing with glitz and condescension, Jason’s voice and communion with the Holy Spirit glow with the bright, warm consistency of a father who loves his children.

David Richmon

Lead Pastor of Trinity Church, Seattle

Jason Dorsey’s “Come In” is a profound gift to children, parents, children’s teachers, and pastors. Through vivid imagery and wonderful storytelling, Jason helps us all to learn the important truths of the gospel as he walks us through the message of Scripture, as well as the liturgical and sacramental life of the church. It’s an open invitation to, “Come In”, and to make God’s Family our own. I expect this book will find its way into many Children’s Ministry curriculums–and for good reason. I enthusiastically recommend it!

Adam Brice

Pastor Resurrection Presbyterian Church, West LaFayette

Jason brings his considerable gifts as both a pastor and an artist to this beautiful little booklet, which will be a great help to both parents and church leaders in introducing children to Jesus, and welcoming them into the church family.

Please consider pre-ordering a copy or set of Come In. We will ship them out to you as soon as they arrive.

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  • Softcover
  • 10″ wide by 7.5″ tall
  • 47 pages
  • 21 watercolor illustrations (in color)
  • Shipping and handling included in the price

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