This may be the most diverse album of 2020! The original sound track for We are Family features thirteen musicians/bands and twenty seven songs and many musical styles (Hip Hop, rap, acoustic, rock, symphonic, band, hymns, electric, and orchestral). Only the music from many of these songs were used in the movie, but in this version “We are Family: Music from the Original Motion Picture” we included the lyrics as well. Enjoy music from the following artists/bands: Pope Adrian Bless, Boyhood Bravery, Caleb Buse, Daniel Dorsett and Martinsville High School band, Eron Harris, Nabil Ince aka Seaux Chill, Malcolm Jordan, Kyle Liedtke, Eric Locke, Todd Masten, Jeston Cole McRae, Osoking Mezzy, and Nathan Partain.

Meet Artists and Listen to Selections of their Music

Pope Adrian Bless

Pope Adrian Bless is the alternative hiphop artist based in Indianapolis, Indiana. With the clashing melodies and harmonies to accentuate his lyricism the 27 year old is bringing a unique sound to the Midwest. Born and raised in the Crosstown section of Indianapolis he has showcased his ability to freestyle in numerous cyphers but also creates thought provoking songs with a creative twist.
He has released 13 hiphop projects in the last 7 years. He has performed all over the world including 2018 performances in Hong Kong, San Diego, St. Louis, South Dakota, Minnesota in addition to regularly performing all over Central Indiana. He has headlined Oranje Indy, The Virginia Avenue Music Festival, and been featured on the main stage of Chreece at the HiFi He has been featured in NUVO Magazine, The Indy Star, WFYI, and countless other media outlets.

Check out Pope’s song Strength here:

Boyhood Bravery

Active in the Indianapolis and Bloomington independent music scenes, Boyhood Bravery is a folk-rock band known for their powerful performances, creative songwriting, and poetic approach to lyrics.

Check out their song These Eyes here:

Caleb Buse

Caleb Buse grew up with a passion for music and pursued it in high school as a drummer in rock bands. After choosing to major in music in college, he expanded his skillset by learning to lead bands, as well as sing in the University’s Concert Choir. He played in rock venues all around Seattle, and did small tours of the west coast. After a show one night in the Seattle rock venue Chop Suey, Caleb met a film maker who eventually collaborated with Caleb on his first film score, which won an award at a film festival in Wroclaw, Poland. Since then Caleb has won the following awards for his film music: Wroclaw Film Festival, Poland (Award winner for Chevy), Best Original Score (100 Hour Film Race), Canne Lions Film Festival in Canne, France (Award Winner for Chevy), an Addy for Microsoft Surface, and a Vimeo Staff Pick. He has gone on to compose music for narrative, animation, and documentary short films as well as commercials for Microsoft, Gatorade, Amazon, Pepsi, Chevy, American Express, Purina, Puma, Carenet, The Greater Foundation and many more. In 2018, he is continuing to work in short films and commercials and is beginning work on feature film scores later this year.

Check out Caleb’s song Chip here:

Daniel Dorsett and the Martinsville Band

Daniel first encountered his passion for teaching music as a student at Tech when helping teach at Harshman Middle School. While studying music education at the University of Indianapolis, he was awarded the Outstanding Future Music Educator Award from the Indiana Music Education Association. Now in his fourth year of teaching, Daniel is the middle school band director for the MSD of Martinsville, 30 minutes south of Indianapolis.

Check out Daniel Dorsett directing the Martinsville Band playing the Tech Fight Song here:

Eron Harris

Eron Harris was born and raised in Indianapolis. His mother and father and both of their parents all went to Arsenal Tech High School so he has a big connection to that school. His mother has always been a singer so he’s always been around music and he also played the trumpet and percussion growing up. Now he really loves to record vocal music and make my own beats. But right now he is pursuing his professional basketball career in Finland. He plans to get into the NBA. 

Check out Eron’s song Titans here:

Nabil Ince

Nabil Ince, stage name Seaux Chill, is an artist originally from Columbia, MD who has been in the Chattanooga area for the past few years. Piano is his first love, playing since he was 6 years old. However, Seaux Chill also loves writing, composing, and producing music largely influenced by pillars of black music. In 2018, he graduated from Covenant College with a bachelors of arts in jazz piano. He currently functions as the Program Director for a children’s music ed non-profit called East Lake Expression Engine and continues to build towards his own music career. His music can be found on all streaming platforms and more about Seaux Chill’s work can be found at

Malcolm Jordan

Malcolm Jordan is twenty three years old and has been recording music since he was 17. He started writing raps at eight years old and progressed with his skills later on with time. He grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. He’s proud to be from here and wouldn’t be from anywhere else. He lives his life off of determination and working smart. He’s been working since he left college to do music and every time he looks up he’s in a new spot with new opportunities. He’s thankful to be a part of the We are Family project.

Check out Malcolm’s song No Option here:

Kyle Liedtke

Kyle Liedtke is a native Oregonian who says he fell in love with the piano the first time he sat down at one when he was in seventh grade. He never, however, received formal training (“I only had the money for three lessons”), but it didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams. He produced two albums. Worlds on A Rainy Afternoon, that features his solo piano work, and Longing, a mostly instrumental with fourteen tracks that come across more like one, long piece, woven together with the same haunting emotions. Longing proves musical inspiration isn’t always bound by human limitations. Liedtke, who can’t read or write music, sat down and recorded his album after being away from the piano for several years. He wrote all the songs in the studio. “The engineer let me in a couple hours before the actual session where I’d come up with an idea. We’d record the idea later that night and fill out the tracks later.” Not that some of the songs on his recording don’t measure up to the kind of compositions that become familiar favorites. Tunes like “Thankful” and “The Day Johnny Learned to Fly” are pleasing and jazzy and provide a polished edge to the almost mystical quality of Liedtke’s music. Musical improvisation and the passions of his heart, including love and longing, hope and melancholy, are the inspiration for Liedtke’s work. Kyle was a gifted and beloved radio DJ and host working in Salem and Bend, OR. He interviewed many well known Christian musicians and authors. He was a powerful speaker and writer, pithy and potent, succinct in words and strong in the turn of a phrase. He coached many artists and authors through his Media Talk company. He was a wonderful conversationalist, and had prophetic insight into reality. But perhaps he was best known and loved as a wise and faithful friend. Kyle loved his family and friends deeply. After a long battle with a number of different health issues, Kyle passed away on February 14, 2020.

Check out Kyle Liedtke’s song Into the Arms of God here:

Eric Locke

Eric Locke grew up listening to a variety of music such as jazz, pop, rock and soundtracks through his parents album collection as well as taking in whatever happened to be playing on the radio. In his early teens growing up in Hawaii he was inspired to be a musician while sitting in on a local kid playing drums to Rush’s Tom Sawyer. His sister’s boyfriend steered him towards guitar, (cheaper and easier to lug around) and managed to borrow one shortly thereafter and in doing so joined the ubiquitous right of passage for many youngsters in the 80’s. He picked his way through pop chords on MTV before being ushered into hard rock/heavy metal riffs by the tribe that wound up adopting him. The rest of that decade would find him playing in back yards, garages, talent contests, clubs and rec centers all around Oahu. It was during this time that the desire to create music was cultivated and has since lingered. While moving away from Hawaii, a cultural shift in music and his focus on gainful employment brought a serious slowdown to any general participation in a music scene while the melodies and ideas for songs persisted until the home recording revolution came along and put the tools of recording into the hands of the world. Since then he’s recorded a few of artists, made intro music for podcasts as well as worked through some of his own ideas, some of which can be heard under the working title of The Undone Orchestra He currently resides in Redmond, Washington with his wife and daughter who are occasionally summoned into the closet recording studio to critique yet another mix.

Check out Eric’s song Christmas Age here:

Todd Masten

Todd began his career scoring public service announcements and television commercials for  several companies in the northeast while still attending college.  He then moved on to compose exclusively for computer, console and social platforms beginning with Carrier Strike Force by Interactive Magic in 1998.  He has since scored over two dozen titles and has moved into both television and film.  He recently helped launch Microsoft’s augmented reality device HoloLens as the team’s New Technology Audio Director. To date, Todd has shipped more than 40 million gaming units worldwide, and has completed multiple drama series for web and television along with two major motion pictures. Todd recently completed his Master’s degree after over a decade of real world audio experience. He previously graduated from Berklee College of Music in 1997 with a degree in Music Synthesis with an emphasis on composition and film scoring.  While at Berklee, he studied classical theory and composition while training with the  most revered modern jazz talents from around the world.  Todd worked in conjunction with faculty and students from Emerson College in producing public service announcements for the state of Massachusetts along with television commercials for major global corporations including PBS, Round Table, and AT&T.​ Over the past decade , Todd has worked  on blockbuster games for Activision, Disney Interactive, Konami, Lucas Arts, Microsoft, Pixar, Sony, THQ,  and Universal Interactive; containing iconic characters such as Crash Bandicoot, Spider-Man, Tony Hawk, Spongebob, and Lightning McQueen.  His passion for making great games has led to his involvement with high level game production; often performing multiple roles on any given title. Todd travels and works between his studios in Southern California and Seattle.

Check out Todd Masten’s song Basketball here:

Jeston Cole McRae

Jeston Cole McRae grew up in the small town of Carnation, WA, about an hour east of Seattle. He was a very active kid who played sports year round and always had a love for all types of music. Having an older brother, he naturally gravitated towards whatever he was doing – and listening to. That was hip-hop. Eminem, Dr. Dre, Jurassic 5, Hilltop Hoods, Atmosphere, Blue Scholars, Swollen Members, Cypress Hill, just to name a few that influenced Jeston at a very young age. During high school he developed an interest in writing but didn’t begin writing songs until he was attending college at Central Washington University. By his early 20’s he had formed a group called Valley Vibes who released a couple projects and did shows over the course of a few years before splitting up due to undisclosed reasons. Then came the rebirth of Jeston’s solo career where he became more inspired and determined than ever before. He instantly got back in the studio at Ruby Room in Seattle and recorded his debut EP Everyday Create, produced by Elan Wright. With the EP recently being released he is currently working on pushing his music and booking shows as he continues to build his name in the Northwest music scene.

Check out Jeston Cole McRae’s song Everyday Create here:

Osoking Mezzy

Osoking Mezzy is an aspiring artist and producer in Indianapolis, IN. Mezzy brings a burst of energy and a new sound to the hip hop scene. This artist has used music as a way to express himself in way others can relate. Armed with dedication and consistency this artist is most definitely one to be on the look out for.

Check out Osoking Mezzy’s song Spoonfed here:

Nathan Partain

Nathan Partain moved to Nashville, TN as a baby, and grew up in a home and community that fostered a rich appreciation of art, music and biblical teaching. In junior high, he and a few good friends started writing songs together and formed a band whose music sounded similar to the newly emerging grunge genre. The band grew in popularity in the greater Nashville area and while in college, landed a short-lived record deal with a record label. A year later, the band broke up and Nathan, who had become recommitted to his Christian faith, decided to travel around Europe and returned home with a renewed appreciation for the time and place in which God had placed him. In the summer of 1999, feeling led to move to Seattle, he packed up his old car and while heading west, stayed with his uncle who confessed to praying that Nathan would write Christian music. Nathan’s reply that he didn’t really want to but would follow the Lord anywhere, was foreshadowing to the direction God was leading him, and he would begin writing music for the church not long after moving to Seattle. Nathan found and joined Green Lake Presbyterian Church (GLPC) a few months later and began playing hand drums with the music team. He also began to rewrite music for old hymns, and which were sometimes sung on Sunday mornings. It was also there that he grew in friendship with Assistant Pastor (and watercolor artist) Jason Dorsey, who encouraged Nathan to keep writing music both for the church and beyond.In the summer of 2001, in addition to working at an auto shop and before marrying his wife, Sarah, he recorded demos for a record of a group of songs that told the story of Nathan’s faith journey. He and Sarah later formed a band with a few other friends and were invited to play at IMAF in Indy, as well as around the Seattle area for a few years, before disbanding. He continued to work full-time at High Road Automotive and also joined the staff at GLPC part-time, as the Chief Musician/assistant worship director Following their first child’s birth in 2006, Nathan was working many hours at the auto shop as a service advisor but was desiring to do more music. He and Sarah began praying for a job as a full-time musician and after reaching out for additional prayer to the Dorseys, (who were now in Indy at Redeemer Presbyterian Church), they learned there would be a opening for the full-time music director job, later that year. They had visited Indy and Redeemer a few times since the Dorseys had moved there and knew that the church and community was very similar to GLPC. Nathan applied for the job but moving away from Seattle was not the provision they had expected and they were very sad at the thought of leaving. Still, they felt like God was leading them to go, so in August ’07, after accepting the position at the church, Nathan, Sarah and baby Amos moved to downtown Indy, and have been happily there ever since. Over the years, Redeemer and its unique encouragement of the arts and creatives of all types, has been a place where Nathan’s pastoral and artistic gifts have been affirmed and encouraged. In addition to writing many of the liturgical components used in weekly and special worship services, the support from the leadership and community there has given Nathan time and space to continue to lean into his calling of writing and recording “musical prayers”. In writing from and for the specific community at Redeemer, he has continued to create songs that blend theologically rich texts with singable melodies. Nathan and Sarah (along with Amos and their Hoosier kiddos Flannery and Levi) have called the Holy Cross neighborhood their home for the last seven of their thirteen years in Indianapolis. With Arsenal Tech right down the street, it is a joy to support this documentary and the many stories it brings to light.

Check out Nathan Partain’s O Savior Rend the Heavens:

Steve Wick

Much thanks to Steve Wick who mixed and mastered this album. Steve Wick is an audio producer/guitarist/musician who has lived his entire life in the Chicago, IL area. A graduate of Moody Bible Institute, he worked for Moody Radio throughout the 90’s as a live local and national engineer/program producer, then transitioned to a private recording studio as music composer in 2000. In 2002, he ventured out on his own starting Resonance Audio Media, Inc., and since then has produced numerous audio dramas, music releases, podcasts, radio programs/features, audio books and soundtrack foley/SFX. Steve also has recorded and released 5 albums of original guitar-based music and arrangements. In his spare time, he enjoys loitering in record stores, collecting vinyl, iPhone photography and creatively collaborating with others. Steve has been married to Kelli for 23 years and together they have 3 kids, Chloe-18, Mallory-16 and Carter-14.

Go here to enjoy the complete album

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