The first day of Jackie’s BIG ART SHOW was a great success even though we only had six guests at our brick and mortar gallery. However, a of people visited our online store and purchased art. Jackie has already sold most of her paintings! You can view the online store here.

We’re so thankful for friends and collectors who support our family of artists. Jackie’s cousin Rachelle bought one of her paintings. Barbara, a dear friend from the years Jason served as pastor at Green Lake Presbyterian made the trek up from Ballard and had a long visit with Jenny. Jim and Diane, who is a friend from Stanwood High School days and who now serves with Jason on the board of the Stanwood Camano Art Advocacy Commission, stopped by to visit and shop. It was nice to have time to visit. Matter of fact, with the trickle of guests, Sunnyshore Studio may be one of the safest public places to visit this week :).

Twenty Three of Jackie’s paintings have already sold. Thirteen paintings are left! And Jackie has two paintings that have been commissioned. With over $1,500 in sales on Monday we are well on our way of hitting the goal of raising 20K to send Jackie to college. Jackie and her mom Jenny leave THIS FRIDAY for Covenant College where she is going to major in art and carry on the family art legacy as a fifth generation artists. Here’s the little bio we have up at the studio for Jackie.

Jacqueline Dorsey: Fifth Generation Artist

Jacqueline began painting and drawing at the age of two. As soon as she could hold an art brush she painted on the walls and drew on the floors. She relies on her dad, Jason, for tips, critiques and encouragement. In October of 2014, Jacqueline received her first big break at the Harrison Center for the Arts in Indianapolis, IN. She sold her first piece and was asked to paint a follow up commission. She has been painting ever since. Jacqueline takes after her nationally known great, great grandmother, Fanny Y Cory, who illustrated magazine covers and stories in the early 1900’s and later went on to have two syndicated comic strips for over thirty years. It’s not a small thing to be a 5th generation artist and to follow in the footsteps of her grandfather, Jack Dorsey; grandmother Ann Cory, Dad Jason Dorsey, Aunt April Nelson and Uncle Jed Dorsey.As a budding artist, Jacqueline’s dream came true when her family built her own studio next to Sunnyshore Studio and Gallery. You can visit her tiny studio today and if you are lucky, purchase any of her art that is left. She loves painting light, delicate flowers using watercolor as her medium.

We are proud of our little girl who is not so little anymore, our studio rat who has become quite a painter herself! GO JACKIE!

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