People thrive when they bring their strengths and needs to the table, and collaborate across racial, economic, political, and religious differences. Cities thrive too when people work together. It takes people willing to work together, make partnerships and build bridges for a city to thrive: people like my friend Mark Nottingham. 

This Spring I made plans to hold an exclusive screening of the We are Family documentary that tells the story of the Arsenal Tech Titan basketball team that against all odds won the state championship and inspired a city. The film was ready. But I didn’t have the finances to reserve the Toby Theater, Newfields, or the VIP party I dreamed of for the players, coaches, family, musicians and video producers. I needed help. I needed collaborators.

Mark is to the right of me. Basketball game at the historic gym made famous in the movie “Hoosiers”

I immediately thought of Mark Nottingham, co-owner of Plat Collective. I knew Mark from when I served as pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in downtown Indianapolis. He was an aspiring young and gifted entrepreneur who worked for a while with his brother in their family automobile sales business (MATS) then launched Notthingham Reality Group. It was great to watch Mark and Sarah establish a home and family and weave themselves into the church and city community. Mark had become a deacon at Redeemer, and when I was raising money to make the movie I had reached out to the deacon team for a grant. They were very supportive.

When I reached out to Mark to consider Plat Collective (Nottingham Realty changed their name to Plat Collective in 2019). I wasn’t surprised when he quickly responded affirming that they’d love to help. Mark, and Plat Collective, have a heart for the city. Their business is real estate. But money isn’t the bottom line of what they work for. Their bigger vision is for a heathy, vibrant city. 

I know Mark believes that a healthy Indianapolis will involve a higher percentage of African American home ownership. Currently there is a lot of attention paid to redlining and gentrification. As Indianapolis finds her way forward in renewal, I’m hoping and praying that it will include more and more home and business ownership by minorities and people of color. If it does, I am sure that Mark Nottingham will be a part of that story, because he believes that the power of the collective is greater than the power of one alone. 

We are SUPER THANKFUL for Plat Collective being one of our sponsors of the exclusive screening of we are family on Saturday, September 19th.

I caught up to Mark recently to learn a little bit more

 Sunnyshore Studio: When did Plat Collective get started? 

Mark: Plat Collective, formerly Nottingham Realty Group started in 2011. Mark Nottingham opened the brokerage and in 2018 Rex Fisher joined as co-owner. In March of 2019 they changed the name to Plat Collective. 

Sunnyshore Studio: What is your mission? 

Mark: Our mission is to create value for our clients, colleagues, and city through a culture of service and collaboration. Our vision falls on these 6 key words: Excellence in client experience. People over transactions. Integrity in all aspects of our work. Growth and continuous improvement. Balance between work and life. Civic Pride and dedication the greater good. All of these statements lead to our overall tagline, We are for the City. 

Sunnyshore Studio: What is your (Mark) connection to Tech? 

Mark: While we don’t have a direct connection to Tech, we do have a very real understanding of the importance of education within our city. We understand that the future of Indy and its residents depends on the education of our students. We support our schools, their mission and their students. The future of this city is strong!

Sunnyshore Studio: What excited you about getting behind this film? 

Mark: Plat Collective believes in the spirit of collaboration within the city, the strength in sports and the beauty of film to share Indy’s stories with the larger community. We are both proud and excited to be supporting this film!

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