Sunnyshore Studio is hosting a BIG ART SALE to raise money to send Jackie to college. The show will take place Monday, August 10-Saturday, August 15. Jackie leaves the following week Covenant College, Lookout Mountain, Georgia, to major in Art. The show will be held simultaneously at our bricks and mortar gallery on Camano Island and online.

Jason Dorsey, Artistic Director at Sunnyshore Studio and DAD of Jackie, has set the goal of 20K. He is working hard on his spare time to paint new watercolors like this one he painted this week.

Jason is inspired in these efforts by his great grandmother, Fanny Y. Cory. When Fanny’s three children got to college age, she took up pen and paper and with great determination created two comic strips that would eventually be run in newspapers across the US: Little Miss Muffet and Sonnysayings. By gum, she did it too. With equal determination, albeit less talent, Jason is setting out to raise 20K during during this one week big art sale to send Jackie to college.

He just may be able to. Last June, Sunnyshore Studio facilitated a BIG ART AUCTION of his Dad, Jack Dorsey, artwork. They were, miraculously able to raise over 20K to put a new roof on Jack and Ann Dorsey’s home.

Anyway, put this show on your calendar. It promises to be interesting, to say the least.

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