In 1969 Jack Dorsey, his wife Ann and six month old son Jason, moved to Camano Island to make a go of it as a full-time artist. They lived in a little white cabin on what used to be an old fox farm.

Jack is a lifelong resident of Washington State. He graduated from Seattle Pacific University. He has to his credit two one-man shows at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle and a one-man show in Tokyo, Japan. Jack Dorsey’s art has been collected by the Frye Art Museum and the LaConner Historical Museum along with numerous corporations and private collectors throughout the U.S.A and Canada.

History 8 Dad painting

Jack is a former president of the Northwest Watercolor Society and a past member of the Puget Sound Group of Painters. Currently he is a life member of the Northwest Watercolor Society and a member of Oil Painters of America. He also is a member of the Art of the Palouse group of painters. He worked as a full time artist from 1969 to 1979 until he went to work at the Boeing Company as a technical illustrator.

Jack’s emergence back into the art world came in 1997 after retiring from the Boeing Company after sixteen years at Boeing.

In the past few years, collectors again started to find Dorsey’s fine art during the annual Mother’s Day Studio Tour on Camano Island where he makes his home. Jack Dorsey is known for his watercolors which can be described as impressionistic realism.

Jack tries to capture mood and intrigue in his paintings which causes the viewer to ask questions and study his art and personally relate to it in some unique way. Painting something common to experience but uncommon to expression is his goal. Whether a person, place or thing impacts his emotions is all that counts. It is very difficult to create originality and the emotional impact that he desires, but Jack’s paintings that have the desired technique and mood stand the test of time.

Recently, Jack illustrated his son Jason’s book I Remember Fishing with Dad and collaborated with family members on the paintings for The Beaches of Camano.

A biography of Jack’s life is going to be released in June 2017.

Jack Dorsey Book Cover - March

You can pre-order copies here.

Video Sketch and Documentary

Enjoy this 7 minute sketch of the life and legacy of Northwest vintage watercolor artist Jack Dorsey and this longer, 30 minute, Documentary of Jack titled “Sketch of an Artist.”

The longer documentary video is here:

You can find more of his art at

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