Ann Cory is the name Ann Cory Dodgson Dorsey uses in signing her artwork.

Mom the day before surgery, Feb 17

Ann is something like artist royalty, being named after her national known grandmother, Fanny Y. Cory, who illustrated books and magazine covers and stories in the early 1900’s and later went on to have two syndicated comics strips for over 30 years.

Ann, who grew up on Camano Island, had the privilege of watching her grandmother paint pictures daily and illustrate the comic strips during her growing up years.

Also during these years, Ann was an active member of a family painting “club” (known as the “Grunt and Groan Club”) – which included her famous grandmother and other talented family members.

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Ann married Jack Dorsey, a fine art painter known in the Northwest particularly for his watercolors and has learned informally from him through the years.

Ann and Jack moved to Camano Island for Jack to launch his professional art career. When her family was young, Ann Cory explored the world of professional art and had some success with her watercolors in local shows, winning a cash award in the Edmonds Art Festival.

However, as her family expanded, her art career was put on hold and she happily threw herself into caring for and loving her children and husband and supporting them all as each either continued in their art or became established as artists.

In 2005, Jed Dorsey, Ann’s younger son, challenged his mom to paint in acrylics like he does and his interest and enthusiasm has been the catalyst that has launched Ann Cory back into the art world – this time not as a watercolorist as before, but as an acrylic artist.

In actual training Ann has taken classes in high school, the University of Washington and several local workshops. She has an extensive art library which she has studied during the years. In some ways she is self-taught, and in other ways she has been mentored for years by the professional and excellent artists in her family.

Ann Cory, Beach Treasure 14 x 18 acrylic

Ann is especially gifted in capturing what she loves most, children and flowers. You can view more of her art at

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