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Jack Dorsey’s children – Jeff, Jason, April and Jed – are pleased to announce the release of a limited edition coffee table book that tells his story and celebrates his beautiful art.

It is titled Jack Dorsey: Sketch of an Artist. Jack’s friends, art patrons and collectors, and northwest art historians will want a copy. Join us in celebrating the artistic legacy of our dad!

  • 100 hardcover copies, each signed by Jack
  • 64 pages, with over 50 paintings
  • Biographical sketch written by Jason Dorsey
  • Cost: $40 (plus $6.48 for tax, shipping and handling).


Fanny Y. Cory’s The Fairy Alphabet

The Fairy Alphabet by F.Y. Cory is one of Sunnyshore Studio’s most popular items. It is a charming example of early 20th children’s book illustration. Three decades after her career opened, Fanny Y. Cory began these watercolors and rhymes in the late 1920’s for her own pleasure. Archived by her family, the mischievous creatures of her imagination now stand revealed in all their magic.

The Beaches of Camano coffee table book

Sunnyshore Studio is thrilled that the release of our first book Beaches of Camano has been so popular. Since its release on December 2nd, 2017 we have sold over 500 copies.  


Beaches of Camano Features

  • Celebrates the beaches of Camano Island through weaving stories of thirty-five Islanders, many of them old-timers, and forty-one original artworks.
  • Original paintings by Jack Dorsey, Ann Cory, Jason Dorsey, and Jed Dorsey; and photographs by Julian Dorsey.
  • Explores the history, character, and accessibility of each beach.
  • Perfect gift for Islanders and visitors to our Island
  • Cost: $14.99 per book, plus $5 (shipping, handling & tax)

 “Come with me and my family of artists as we portray the beaches of Camano. Read the stories of the people who live on them and love them, who treasure them, who have cared for them, and some who have fought to keep them open to the public. We hope that you fall in love with our beaches, and treasure them like we do.”

I Remember Fishing with Dad

I Remember Fishing with Dad is a children’s picture book written by Jason Dorsey and illustrated by Jason and his dad, Jack Dorsey. It tells the story of a boy goes fishing with his dad and discovers that the most important thing is not winning the salmon derby or even catching a fish but just being with his dad.

Beaches of Camano Map – Poster and Print

This map is created from a watercolor painted by Jason Dorsey and the design work of famous map maker Matt Hale. We have four different options perfect to help you enjoy the beauty of Camano Island.

Option #1: Small Size Poster

  • Paper Type: Heavy Poster Paper
  • Size: 8″ by 13″
  • Cost: $15 plus tax/shipping & handling

Option #2: Medium Size Poster

  • Paper Type: Heavy Poster Paper
  • Size: $13 by 20″
  • Cost: $25 plus tax/shipping & handling

Option #3: Medium Size Print

  • Paper Type: Watercolor Paper
  • Size: 15″ by 23″
  • Cost: $50 plus tax/shipping & handling

Option #4: Large Size Print

  • Paper Type: Watercolor Paper
  • Size: 23″ by 35″
  • Price: $75 plus tax/shipping and handling

12 thoughts on “Enjoy shopping at Sunnyshore Studio’s on-line store

  1. I loved the video!! You have the best parents ever and I’m proud to call them friends. I want to order 2 books for my grandchildren. Being raised on Camano Island was a wonderful experience and living on the island was great fun!!!


    • Thanks Joyce. I completely agree with you about having the best parents ever and that being raised on Camano was an incredible experience. I’ve got you down for 2 book orders. Thanks so much for supporting us in this way.


  2. Rebecca Anderson Coufal

    Jason Dorsey – Your mother with whom I went to school, sent me an email about your book. I would like to order a copy of the book. I am Richard Anderson’s daughter. Your comments and pictures of fishing with your father are wonderful. Just incidentally, I have a good sized watercolor my mother purchased from your father in 1965 or 1966. I look forward to hearing from you, Rebecca Coufal


    • Rebecca, So cool to hear from you. I didn’t know our family had a connection to THE Richard Anderson who had won the Derby the time dad came in second place. That only makes the story that much richer. Your dad has a fun and special role in the story. About 1 and 1/2 years ago I was working on the story-line of the book. A good friend who knows how to tell a story said that the book needed just a little more tension. So we added the part in the story about (1) our motor not working at the beginning of the derby, and my (the boys) envy of the other people’s good boats, including the “Trophy” which we made up to be the name of your dad’s boat, (2) after our catching the big salmon, our motor not working and your dad rescuing us by towing us into shore. So while these things were added to bring more tension to the story, the wonderful facts remain that your dad did win the Derby, we came in second. And now, wonderful to know that there is this deeper connection of family and art. I had no idea! Thanks for sharing.

      In terms of purchasing a book here are your options: (1) You can purchase a book online at my web site. Look under “Buy Books and Art” or (2) you can mail me a check for $30 (includes tax and shipping and handling) and when the books arrive (December 1) we’ll send you a signed copy. My address is: 15791 Bear Creek Pkwy, A-531, Redmond, WA 98052

      Liked by 1 person

    • Evelyn,

      There are three options for picking up two beaches of Camano book: (1) is to pick it up in person at Sunnyshore Studio; (2) is to send a check to me for $32.50 via snail mail (15791 Bear Creek Parkway, A-531, Redmond, WA 98052). (3) our you can order on line from this web site. Go to the Home page and then to the page titled “shop”. You should be able to buy two books that way also. Thanks so much for your support!


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  4. Bob and Marilyn Hooper

    Hi Jason: Marilyn and I would like to reserve and pick up three copies (Beaches) at your open house at the studio on December 3rd, if that would be possible. Marilyn was one of your Moms classmates and friends.
    We really enjoyed the video this morning, it was fun to watch it and remember the times we have had here too. We live on the beach at Madrona and love it here on Camano Island as well.
    Bob and Marilyn (Sollid) Hooper


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