Hi, my name is Jacob Dorsey. I’m the second intern working on the Sunnyshore Studio project this summer along with my brother Julian Dorsey the first intern.

intern 3

I’m going to be working mostly with the exterior grounds projects on the Studio – think of it as heavy labor. I will be implementing Sunnyshore Studio’s landscaping design this summer, specifically building a bulkhead along the south side of the Studio and along the driveway to highlight the Studio’s beach theme. I will also be building a driftwood fence to mask the firewood.that will be on the north side of the Studio.

One of the main things I will be doing is supervising the young men from the Faith of a Mustard Seed work crew. I will be instructing, mentoring them, and working alongside of them to create the bulkhead, to build the fence, and to split and stack the winter wood.

Also, I’m also supporting my dad’s work at Redeemer Redmond by participating in a young adults group encouraging fellowship and friendship and outreach. I’m also helping with the Sunday morning set up crew at Redmond Middle School. Along with set-up I am being re-trained in running sound during the service.

Throughout my internship i will be working on my communication skills as well as mentoring and training others, both at the Sunnyshore Studio project and at Redmond. A big theme of this internship is going to be constructing and deepening relationships.

I started the internship out on Monday as my brother Julian said in an earlier post. We helped Dave Lane clear out a pile of logs next to his property at Snoqualmie Pass. Dave cut the logs into sections and we moved them into piles. Dave is gifting Sunnyshore Studio with one big stack of the wood for the Faith of a Mustard Seed work week.

I went up to Camano for a family birthday party. And I stayed on Camano to work at the Studio on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Tuesday we woke up early and went over to the property and met up with Jake Klett, the main plumber, who told us where we needed to dig the ditch for the water line and power line from the well to the Studio.

This is more or less the finished product. Out of a 24 inches depth, the first foot was easy to do but then we ran into something between bedrock and concrete (the pit run rock had been compressed with a lot of clay in it). We used pick axes and shovels to remove the rest.

Grandpa Jack left his riding lawn mower. He taught me how to use the riding mower and I mowed 1/2 of the grass with the riding mower. I then used the hand mower for some of the smaller areas.

intern 6

On Wednesday we started with a leisurely breakfast and some work around Grandpa’s property – we needed to get our bodies going with some lighter work- and finally made our way over to the Studio. Then we basically chopped through the rest of pit run. We used a tape measure and level to make sure we had the right depth based off of the future height of the soil. We also dumped the grass from the mowing on Grandpa’s property.

intern 2

Grandpa let me drive his classic Ford truck, one that is a bit persnickety when it comes to starting.

intern 8.jpg

And so we finished the ditch along with the mowing. Altogether a good start to the internship with many more days of hard work ahead!


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