The impact a father has in his children’s life – for good or for bad – is huge. Yet often the calling to be a dad is not valued in today’s society. The message men often hear is that their value is based on success at work or making lots of money rather than in the high calling of being a dad and building strong relationships with their kids.

2 Fish

The book I wrote and partnered with my dad to illustrate I Remember Fishing with Dad aims to send a different message. It is dedicated to inspire dads to spend time with their kids making sacred memories and to celebrate them when they do.

We’d love to help you inspire and celebrate the dad, the son, the grandfather that you love.

Our goal is to share this book’s message with over 100 dads this Father’s Day! That’s why we are offering a special discount through the month of June.

Click the buy button below to purchase a signed copy of I Remember Fishing with Dad. It will be mailed as soon as you order and arrive in time for Father’s Day!

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Thanks for partnering with us to get out a different message to dads. Here’s a video of dad and I sharing our passion for this message!

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